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meet jamie

Most days you can find me with the two loves of my life; my husband and my puppy Ella. A french press is usually an arms reach away, you can find me reorganizing my closet for the fifth time, podcasting, or laying low with a good book.

I'm known for being an interior design and wedding photographer as well as a yoga teacher back in the day! My friends calls me the "idea generator" and I am a creative coach to women. I'm obsessed with enneagram right now and learning new things in general like holistic nutrition. I’m currently on a spin kick but generally love HIIT classes, picnics with friends, and drinking vino with girlfriends.

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2017 and often share openly and candidly about my health journey on instagram and within my blog/journal.


I love serving the world through a visual platform. I love photographing people who are over-the-moon in love and gorgeous spaces that inspire and enrich our outwardly experience.

My photography style is genuine, joyful, and full of light. It has a bit of a modern twist as I bring a soft, minimalistic and architectural eye. I love capturing real candid moments like you tearing up, hugging your Dad after his speech, or how your beau looks at you while you aren't watching. I like to keep things laid-back, full hearted, while providing quality imagery. So thats me- in a nutshell.

I live in Calgary, AB, but continually on the move. I have traveled all over the world and my passport is always updated!