15ON15 | A Day In The Life...

I went to bed with a plan and woke up to rain. 

This is life in a nutshell isn't it? The only constant is change and we can't expect things to always go our way. Anitya (pronounced: ah-nit-chya / what my tattoo says) - non-attachment, impermanence. It all changes in a flash. Don't hold on, let go, go with the flow, be like water...

I see life in pictures, I often imagine things before they even happen but when they do happen, I see the images there seconds away from actually being captured. I'm a photographer. So before I went to bed I imagined my day in images: I was going to hop on my bike (take pictures of the wheels and spokes), my converse shoes, see the Calgary sky-line and the sun-rise, watching the sun kiss all the familiar buildings of my city. Photograph my shadow, bike to Monogram (my favourite coffee shop) and work on my blog, take Ella for a fun walk and photograph her by a wall, take pictures of the cute houses in my neighbourhood, my coffee cup, my laptop (of course)... a typical day in my life, in photographs... but I couldn't. It was gone before it started. My plan was no longer a viable option. 

Instead I ended up sleeping in, talking on the phone with Landon, snuggled with Ella, listened to the rain drops outside the window, touched the water droplets on our tree outside while still in my PJ's, watched Greys Anatomy in my Kitchen while I made coffee, photographed Ella and my crazy bed-head, listened to records (Bon Iver - perfect for a thunderstorm), and snuggled in my favourite mustard coloured blanket with a book by the fire.

It wasn't what I had planned... but honestly, it was perfect and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anitya, be like water... go with the flow.


follow the loop

There are a handful of photographers participating - if you loved my blog post and wanted to see another #15on15 / #ADayInTheLife... follow over to Chelseas instagram or blog and follow the loop. Chelseas is from Saskatoon, a passionate mother, her work is beautifully candid. 

We will be doing this every month on the 15th so stay tuned for the next one on August 15th and for an even BIGGER train of participants. If you are a Canadian photographer and would love to participate, let us know! :) 

Community is a beautiful thing, we want to shine a light on all of the incredible photographers here in Canada. We are all unique, we have different stories, practices, visual eyes, post processing techniques and that is a beautiful thing. We are better together. We can love each others work, style, and business succeses, we can be supportive, loving, and confident as a community, as artists. #CommunityOverCompetition

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