15ON15 | A Day In The Life... Saturday Morning

Landon and I slept in this morning, I hit snooze on my Saturday alarm (my wedding day alarm) and slept in a little longer than usual. I savour mornings like this especially on the tail end of an incredible wedding season. Sleeping in on a Saturday are far and few between between May and October. I only have one more wedding this year which is next weekend and the emotions are getting real.

I thought I would be excited to see the season close, to have the workload get a little lighter and to gain my mornings back with Landon and our little family... but to be honest I am little somber. Its hard to let go of these wonderful couples. I work with them over the course of a year, hear some of the most intimate details of their lives and I become close with their families.  This season I feel like I gained a handful of new bff's and extended family. So many moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and friends have welcomed me in to their lives as I shared tears, hugs, and dance moves. I wish I could re-live those moments over and over- thank goodness for photos! haha

That's the beauty of what I do and this season flashed by me so quickly. 

So this morning, Landon and I are in our usual Saturday morning routine. French presses, Ella laying beside the fire, cooking breakfast together, reading a book, him designing his ideas for his bike, etc. 

For this month of 15ON15 I wanted to capture this morning. The morning where I feel the gratitude liquifying in to tears and getting stuck in my throat as I write this. So as I look back on this season next year as I prepare for all of my 2017 couples days I can remember how truly amazing my job is and how much I value being able to create art in the moment, to connect with families and couples, and for every email of 'thanks' I get to receive. It's been a whirlwind of a season and one I will never ever forget. 



There are a handful of photographers participating - if you loved my blog post and wanted to see another #15on15Canada / #ADayInTheLife... follow over to Chelsea's instagram or blog and follow the loop. Justyna is a photographer based out of central Saskatchewan and she specializes in lifestyle and portrait photography. Her style is genuine, moody yet joyful, and rich with colour. 

We will be doing this every month on the 15th so stay tuned for the next one on October 15th and for an even BIGGER train of participants. If you are a Canadian photographer and would love to participate, let us know! :) (you can comment below or send me an email to hello@jamiehyatt.com) 

Community is a beautiful thing, we want to shine a light on all of the incredible photographers here in Canada. We are all unique, we have different stories, practices, visual eyes, post processing techniques and that is a beautiful thing. We are better together. We can love each others work, style, and business succeses, we can be supportive, loving, and confident as a community, as artists. #CommunityOverCompetition