Village Ice-cream Grand Opening

Who doesn't love a little bubbly to go with their ice-cream!? 

Last night was the grand opening party for the new location of Village Ice-cream in Britannia! The VIP attendees were lavished with drinks and all you can eat ice-cream while taking in the beautiful interior that has been artfully crafted.

Designed by Mckinley Burkart, the new space has a slight retro feel (playing homage to those small-town ice creameries albeit) tied in with modern clean finishes; a great way to combine tradition with fashionable pizzazz. Elegant-yet-totally-approachable it separates itself from the East Village location without losing ties to the brand we all have come to know and love. 

I personally love that its not a replica of the other location, it allows it to stand apart and become such a beautiful centre piece in the Britannia community.  

I can not wait for the summers to come where I can grab some ice-cream while on my way to River Park with my pup. Here are a few shots I took of the event. OH and the melted chocolate coconut milk ice-cream? Yum!!! A great option for those who can't have dairy. I won't even start on the pumpkin spice ice-cream! Its hard not to be 'villagers' with their array of seasonal flavors that keep our interests piqued and our taste-buds wanting more!