A Baldwin Thanksgiving

The week before the actual Canadian Thanksgiving, Landon and I had our favorite little family over, The Baldwins! Samantha has been one of my closest friends since meeting in 2009 when we were both being interviewed for the same job at lululemon athletica. We clicked right away and thankfully they hired us both! We became best friends instantly and have been practically inseparable since, she was there when I started my photography company as an amateur and was never shy with letting me photograph different moments in her beautiful life and I have been so grateful for her continual support. She's the first person I share things with (besides Landon), I truly consider Sam more like a sister than just a friend. 

Landon and I love hosting people at our home. Since moving in we have held a few parties and have had guests stay with us but we hadn't had the opportunity to have our very first thanksgiving dinner in our home! Last year we moved in on Thanksgiving weekend and picked up our puppy so things were a little too crazy to host a big shindig. I was so incredibly excited to finally have a big turkey dinner this year with the people I love the most!

Here are a few pictures from that night, Sam and I are seriously kindred spirits and are super goofy as you will see. Ollie, the youngest daughter, is so enamored with Ella our boxer puppy and I loved capturing their playful bond. Trinity, the eldest daughter, is so beautiful and I can't believe how grown up she is! Landon made us the most amazing dinner and I am so grateful that I have the most genuine and kind man in the world and to top it off he can cook and make amazing cocktails! Haha! I love him so much, and I love that we had the best first thanksgiving ever. Feeling so full of gratitude and love for this amazing life we share.