Curl Up & Read

Ok ok, so it's no secret that autumn is my favorite time of year! I am constantly ooing and gooing over the weather right now and telling everyone how incredibly excited I am that I can wear long-socks, boots, and layers! Weee! I am a home-body through and through (outside of the yoga classes and hiking of course) so I love being cocooned in my home during the cold months. 

I have been super busy with editing, meeting with new clients, home renovations (sort of), designing our new office (I sense a blog post coming), that I haven't had a lot of time for myself to just. chill. out. Now now.... don't think I'm not grateful! I am feeling the love over here and so excited about all the wonderful stuff happening in the next year! Anyways! I finally had a solid day of recovery and it was spectacular. Here are the 5 things that made it pretty awesome that I couldn't help but share with you all. Spreading the goodies one blog post at a time... ;) 

1. Indigocozy - Reading Socks

Uhm excuse me!? Could these possibly the best invention for your toesies, ever!? Knitted (ok maybe its crochet, I really can't tell the difference) socks with a delightful soft surprise on the inside. These socks are the perfect accessory to curl up on your favorite reading chair on a chilly autumn day. You know those cute little bunnies in the baby section of the book store? (I can't be the only one in that section cuddling up to these cute little critters) I'm pretty sure the inside fabric is made up of the same buttery soft-to-the-cheek plush toy goodness. Hey, if a baby can snuggle up to it, you know its going to be good. Pure bliss for your cold feet. And if you aren't completely sold out on the idea, the sales clerk at the till said, "they are simply orgasmic." Boom. Get some.

2. Singing Quartz

If you didn't know, I am a yoga teacher, but even before teaching yoga I always loved to sing. If you've been to one of my classes you know that I love to sing mantra's in savasana. There is something so magical when  you are in a state of relaxation and all of a sudden someone is chanting something beautiful and ancient. The vibration will give you chills! I also love to sing around the house, mostly Disney sing-a-longs or mantras, and I love to hold on to this beautiful little piece of quartz. Thinly sliced, the singing quartz is a beautiful stone for your throat chakra, you can hold the crystal up to your neck while chanting Ham (not like the sandwhich meat, more like hom) to cleanse the energy in your throat. Helps block any communication issues and can even stimulate creativity. Also... it's just super cool. You can find this gem (pun-intended) at Divine Mine and Earth Gems.  

3. "The Opposite of Loneliness," essays and stories by Marina Keegan.

A "Heather's Pick" from Indigo Books, sooooo usually she won't steer you wrong... that's beside the point though, since I have heard so much about this book in the last 6 months that I couldn't keep my hands off of it! A delightful collection of essays and stories written by the late and incredibly talented Marina Keegan who passed away only 5 days after graduating. Her story is heart-wrenching but there is so much beauty in how her talent will not be lost but instead be shared with the world. I just started to sink my teeth in to it and I think its a beautiful collection of writing, incredibly honest and captivating. 

4. Yogi Tea: Egyptian Licorice

The first time I had this tea was at Yoga Santosha, so every time I drink it I feel like I am being transported in to the studio, smelling nag champa, and prepping myself for an awesome  yoga class. Besides the awesome little affirmations/fortunes that come on the tea bag, this tea is super homey for me and grounding. Cozy socks and a good book seem lonely without a good tea to go with it. You can find it in your local grocery store. 

5. Spa Candle

Well we all need a little light on an autumns day. It's getting darker, quicker! Besides the fireplace (which ours is currently getting fixed) I love having a cozy flame near-by to set that over all tone of warmth. I paint a nice little picture huh? This particular "spa" candle is from IKEA (I know, I know...) but my favorite candle is from indigo (surprise surprise lol) and its a whopping $30.00 but its yummy and I love it. I believe you can find it for cheap at winners or homesense. Its the VOLUSPA brand and my favorite scent is 'french bourbon vanille." I have a deep love for musky smells like mens cologne, old spice deodorant... really anything that will make me think of David Beckham or the woods. Ha!! Just in case you were wondering... 



Well there you have it! My day off on an autumns day consists of all things cozy and a good book! What are you currently reading right now? How do you spend your days off in autumn? I'd love to hear it, post in the comment section below! :) 


xx hugs