Sarah + Troy / E-Session

Landon and I met Troy in January of last year, at least I think it was January... All I remember is that it was really dark outside, we were eating dinner, and it was freezing cold. Troy came over to our home to ask us if we liked living in our townhouse complex since him and his partner were thinking about moving in next-door! We were thrilled! Troy in one word is JOYFUL, and so is Sarah. So when you combine these two together you get bountiful belly laughs, ear-to-ear grins, and a ton of honest good love. They're deep admiration and genuine kindness radiates from the photos you are about to look through. They are SO in love and editing these photos I couldn't help but have little flips in my belly from all the butterflies! Plus I am a dog-lover and they invited their pretty pooch Kiva along for the river walk! #whereiskiva

We took these photos one week before their wedding! Now they are Mr & Mrs after tying the knot in an intimate wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Congratulations Sarah + Troy! We've heard you have pretty awesome neighbors. (hah!) Enjoy your time in Spain! xx