Caitlin; Beauty Needs No Introduction

I call Cait my poster-child because the first image of this session is one of my absolute favorite portrait shots! I use it for everything! It captures what I love about photography: the perfect soft light, the luminosity that seems to be vibrating from the screen, the perfect colour tone and softness. The palette is just so beautiful!! (If I do say so myself...)

This Lifestyle Session was a blast! There was a lot of laughter and too many smiles to capture on camera. Cait is an interior designer and incredible athlete, who by-the-way, has the most stunning blue eyes you will ever see. We grabbed coffee, gabbed as we do best, and made our way downtown to catch the sunrise in the beautiful and newly developing area East Village. Here are some of my favorites from the session, as you will see, its hard not to get too enamored with her eyes and soft smile. Holy-what-a-babe.