The Making Of... Jamie Hyatt Photography

elegant / airy / modern 

When I had decided to re-launch my photography website I knew that I had a lot of re-branding and re-visioning to do. Since I was two years out of photography, I was really excited to reconstruct my vision in order to re-direct my clientele in a way that was inspiring for me and challenging. 

I was heavily working in portraiture for 5 years working alongside business professionals, families, models, actors, etc. I had a strong focus on FASHION EDITORIAL, as I was a fashion student, as well Interior Design. Not wanting to get completely stuck in just portrait photography, and feeling a little stagnant, I knew it was time to broaden the scope and start taking some risks in order to be the kind of photographer I want to be. 

This starts with a VISION and vision needs to coincide with your GOALS and CORE VALUES. If none of this aligns, you start to find gaps and confusion in your personal brand and it makes promotion of who you are as a photographer extremely challenging. If you aren't constant in your goals and values, who you are is harder to convey to a large audience.

Luckily, branding and marketing is my favorite part of building a business. With experience in entrepreneurship, design, and brand identity. I have a knack for visual compositions, a very valuable trait to have as a visual artist / photographer. 

I knew that I wanted to convey a little romance as I am shifting focus to couples, engagements, and weddings so there had to be an element of editorial elegance, modern beauty with a twist of my own personal style of natural light and bohemian spirit. 

So here is my VISION it is only the beginning steps that I have taken to building the S O U L behind my personal brand. I can't wait to dive deeper in to brand identity and packaging. I am sure over time, like most things, will evolve and refine. But it all starts with a feeling, a vision, and a desire to see that vision come alive!