Meghan & Carson Get Married!

This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend Meghan and Carsons wedding in Cranbrook, BC. It was held at St. Eugene Resort, a beautiful old boarding house turned hotel/golf resort. Layered in lush green foliage and surrounded by giant trees and flowers, it was the most spectacular venue for an outdoor wedding. 

So... I cried a lot. It was stunning, absolutely everything! Carson's sister was the official and the vows were hilarious, simple, and meaningful. Meghan's dress was a beautiful lace gown while her bridesmaids wore a variety of blush and cream dresses.

I wasn't the photographer for this wedding, but as a guest who loves to take photos of course I had to snap a few of their special day! Here are some of my faves! I didn't get too many of the bride and groom as they were constantly surrounded by cameras and I didn't want to irritate the photographers.  

I hope it gives you a small snap shot of the fun, the tears, and the absolute beauty of this incredible day! 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bannon! You know how to throw one heck of a party!