6 Easy Tips for SNAPCHAT


I am having way too much fun over on the app SNAPCHAT. For those of you who aren't sure what SNAPCHAT is, its a social app where you can share short clips and photos directly to your friends or to your "story." At first when I got it a year ago I didn't really understand the point and actually deleted the app shortly after as it seemed a little silly and I thought "well, Instagram does the same." At that point it only would send clips and photos directly to friends in your contact book and thats it. Lame-o.

NOW, you can follow people world wide and even amazing businesses. I started to follow all the wonderful entrepreneurs from The Spark Lounge by Alex Beadon. I connected with other like-minded individuals and artists, as well as other friends and potential clients. The biggest surprise was attracting other photographers! Now I have a little support group of other amazing photographers who share clips, tips, and other amazing things with me and with others.

So I started to share behind-the-scenes at different photo shoots, my equipment, and other little tips for Weddings and Engagement sessions and I am in no way stopping there! I have been sharing fun personal stuff from my life and in my business and having fun connecting with amazing people world-wide. BONUS: I even booked a client through SNAPCHAT. The magic of social media and presenting who you are to the world and representing your brand, your product, or just yourself. So GET ON IT.

6 Easy Tips for SNAPCHAT

1. Keep it simple.
When it comes to your username choice, keep it simple and easy to find. Less numbers or other characteristics, try to stick to your business name or true to your own name. Less is more.

2. Snap often but keep it interesting.
The great thing about snapchat is that you can post a lot in one day and people have the choice to view your story or not. Try not to snap in the same spots or have your frames always similar in context. Mix up photographs with video clips, use the tools provided like text, paint and filters.

3. Activate Filters! 
How to: When you open snapchat it will open to your camera. At the top there is a little ghost. Click on the ghost. Next: Click on the clog on the top right hand corner. Next: Click on Manage: filters on.

4. How to use filters.
AFTER taking your photo or video, swipe to the left to view your filters and play!!

5. Keep the animals photos on the minimum.
OK, so I love love love animals with my whole heart. But I stopped following people who ONLY did videos and photos of their pets. I am interested in YOU and what you are doing. I am not following you for your dog, but if I am.... go crazy. 

6. Engage, engage, engage! 
Ask questions! Show previews! Do a weekly "ask and tell", try to find a way to engage who is viewing your snaps. Get creative. 

Add me! I'd like to follow you. :)

username: jamhyatt 
*Keep note: you can't change your username once chosen. I wish I used jamiehyatt or _jamiehyatt to match my instagram account.* Having account names that match on all your social platforms is really key!