My Life According To Instagram / June 2015


A greek word translated to mean - "to do with something with soul." This was the month of June, full of Meraki. Meraki totally encompasses what I do and how I do it. I do everything with heart. As soon as I feel like my heart it isn't in something, I know I need to step aside and re-evaluate my intentions and sometimes steer "off course" and go a different route. Checking back in, staying intentional, keeps me feeling creative, excited, and fresh on all of my projects. If I'm not putting a bit of myself in all of my projects, I know that I will walk about feeling disappointed and flat. So ya'll, wherever you are in the world, doing whatever it is you DO, do it with MERAKI. 

June Highlights / According to Instagram

Not in any particular order, here are a few awesome things that happened last month! If you didn't see May, check it out! 

  • The Grand Opening of Park Distillery in Banff, Alberta - I had the pleasure of shooting lifestyle photos while drinking champagne #thisishowiroll
  • Scarlett Birthday Party at Bocce with the most amazing Panda cake I have ever seen in my life... also I  have never seen kids want to savagely kill something so cute before. #terrifying
  • Landon and I celebrated our 2.5 year anniversary. <3
  • I spent time surprising my clients with gifts! *Intention: spread sweetness.*
  • Nailing down package design with blush ribbon, black and white boxes, and gorgeous calligraphy pens. #swoon
  • I am officially a certified Reiki Master! 60 + hours of training later and I feel like a whole different person. Thank you Geneva for your incredible knowledge and guidance! 
  • Jessica + Chad said "I Do!" kicking off my Wedding season for 2014
  • Landon and I attended a super awesome theme charity party called Hullabaloo. I got to wear killer boots, my pleather jacket, denim and red lipstick sooooo obviously it was amazing. #photoboothfun
  • I took a trip out to Medicine Hat for my Dads Birthday/Fathers Day!
  • I got Periscope and I am OBSESSED. Add me: @_jamiehyatt
  • Finished Jasmine Stars 30 Day Wedding Bootcamp/Workshops. I don't even know how many times I cried.
  • My work with Mckinley Burkart got published in EVE (East Village Experience) Magazine on the Embassy Bosa Project
  • Sean & Chad had their incredible sweet and private ceremony surrounded by family. Blog post coming soon!
  • I embarked on a super cool secret project that I am excited to share in the future!