What is LadyDrunk?

I love passionate people and I love community, so why not blend the two together? I have been fortunate enough to have other passionate people be so encouraging with my work and I always want to pay support forward. A kind encouraging word goes a long way for everyone and sometimes its enough to keep the spark still sparkling. 

Ashley and her fiancé Brendan were in the market for a wedding photographer and I came recommended by another photographer friend who was in the bridal party! (Thanks Kael, can't wait to finally meet you!) Upon meeting them both I was beyond excited to work with them. A film maker and a super-passionate-masters-graduate-student who splits her time through research, school, being an advocate for young women AND creating a video series!? I know, I'm not quite sure how she does it either... I felt like I hit the client jack-pot as they are both incredibly down-to-earth, hilarious, and are up to pretty cool things that I want to get in on! #hellocollaboration #youcantsaynonowbecauseitsbeenpubliclyannouncedalready #nopressure

Anyway, I wanted to share this passion project that Ashley, a #jhpbride, and her best friend Emily have been working on. Brendan (the film maker in the family) is the dude operating the camera and occasionally yells at them to stay on point haha which makes it all more funny. Combining their flair for comedy and love for all things wine-flavoured they started LadyDrunk! A video series where they drink, tell funny personal stories and others stories, while of course, allowing all things #Emishley to unfold unscripted. (Emily + Ashley = Emishley) 

Things to look forward to...

  1. Outtakes from their V-Day episode
  2. A lot of hashtags #hashtag
  3. Two (very educated) blonde babes with dirty sailor mouths 
  4. Dudes in lady jeans ? what? 
  5. Ashley at 1:09.... 
  6. The desire to watch the original episode to understand whats the heck is going on... 

If you'd like to check out the Valentines Day episode, just click here! You will get to hear about a few bad dates, like the dude who thought he could shave his face with a butterknife and the time where Ashley had to feign sleeping to get a bad date to end.