New Year Round-Up | Favourite Books of 2016


I love books. If I had to choose between a meal and a new book, no lie, I will go for the book. I know, it sounds slightly crazy, but books make my heart extremely happy and in hindsight, I really should have been a librarian... 

Anyway as we close up the year, my friend Kayla sent me a message asking for my reading list of 2016 and honestly it is too long to write out. So I decided to put together a list of the ones that stood out to me the most. They aren't necessarily award winning (ok, some are) but in some capacity these books impacted me the most and so they deserve to be shared! 

You will notice that none of these are novels! I think I only read 3 this last year. I like learning and novels are more 'recreational' for me haha! 

my favourites from 2016!

My Top 4!

Because I couldn't commit to a measly 3, here are my favourite four. These four continue with me. They are ideas, concepts, or words that just impacted me in a way that it carries me forward.  Oprah's book would be my 5th but hey- I had to stop somewhere...

"You are a badass" by Jen sincero

This is my go-to book if I need a little bit of a kick in the butt or a boost of motivation. If my energy is running low or if I am feeling less-than-creative this book always seems to brighten me up. It's a reminder of why I started and one of my first books to recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her words leap off the page and you feel like you are sitting with your best friend talking about biz, life, and what matters.
Follow-up Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert or/ How to be here by Rob Bell

"Loving what is" by Byron Katie

Oh nelly, you have to be ready for this one. It's constantly keeping me in check in the most beautiful way. The title really says it, it allows you to drop your stories about everything and really become present in what reality is. You learn to laugh at yourself, acknowledge your hang-ups in relationships, and embrace what you can actually control out of life. It is a way of living, a practice, and a "must" for the self-help lovers out there. Make sure you complete at least one work-sheet AND* I highly recommend getting it on audio! I have a hard copy but I found I got way more out of it listening to the work being done. 
Follow-up Book:  Return to love by Marianne Williamson or anything by Brene Brown if this book rocks your boat! 

"The Whole 30" by Melissa and dallas hartwig

I'm starting to notice a theme - I like books that have a bit of a no-nonesense, "give it to me straight" kind of attitude. What can I say, I like to keep things real. This one isn't the acception, at all. I love their saying, "30 days isn't hard. Cancer is hard." It's the honest truth. 30 days of eating healthy isn't hard. It really isn't if you aren't depriving yourself or doing something crazy like a juice cleanse. Whole 30 made me feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I never felt deprived. I always felt full. I stopped craving sugar after I detoxed and I lost the hangry-mood-swing and recieved buckets of energy! This biggest bonus of all was that I had a whole arsenal of information of how foos react for my* body. During the testing phase, the huge nerd I am was so pumped to approach it all like a scientist, I would test a food and notice my reactions and write them down. It was the best decision I made all year so much in fact that I did another whole 30 over the Christmas holidays! I am on week 3 and feeling amazing all over again. 
Follow-up Book: Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig

"Rising Strong" by Brene Brown

Girl crush is an understatement. I love Brene Brown and her work so much that I re-read all of her books, try to implement them in my life, share them with my partner, and do her online courses every year. Her work is revolutionary and a must for every single human being alive. I wish I could do her Social Work Education but I am not a registered Social Worker to my dismay.

Rising Strong is my favourite out of all of her books because it approaches what happens after we fall down in the arena. How do we get back up when we got vulnerable, we went out there, and landed face first? How do we rumble with our emotions? How do we drop our armour and embrace the revolution, the change, the DELTA! Ah! I just love it. My favourite part was the SFD's because I have been doing them MY WHOLE LIFE!!! I was blown away and she gave me some extra tools to use the SFD to move forward. Must read. Life changing. Buy it now, buy it for your whole family! 
Follow-up Book: Re-read it again! Also, The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary