2016 Intentions & Desires

image by Rifle Paper Co. 

image by Rifle Paper Co. 

 Intention; a thing intended; an aim or plan. 

I love the idea of setting out on something and accomplishing it, the whole 'gold star', good feels, ol' pat on the back for attaining what you set out to do. You did it! Yippee! But then I started to really dig my heels in on certain goals, ones that lost the mojo (the zazz) but I still needed to attain because well- I said I would gosh darnnit! But honestly I realized- that's not really the point. Isn't the main reason we go after something is how you feel once you achieved it and what that means for you? The value of that particular thing on your life? If you stop feeling good about a specific goal then wouldn't it make the most sense to move on to something else? 
I do believe in hard-work and devotion but I do think its a fine balance. Nothing is worse that slaving yourself oversomething you just dont have the mind-power or heart for and really- are you doing your best work when it feels like a total drag? Probably not. 

Thus the beautiful thing of desire mapping by Danielle LaPorte which I do now every year. It's less about the goals per say and more about how you want to feel every single day. How do you want to feel when you wake up? How do you want to feel when you walk in to your office? your home? the gym? How do you want to feel with your partner? your friends? How do you want to feel in your lifestyle? your spirituality?

"You're not chasing the goal, you're chasing a feeling you hope reaching the goal will give you." - - Danielle LaPorte

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2016 Intentions & Desires

joy.  //  Say 'yes please' to the things that feel good, and say 'no thank you' to the things that don't.

  • I learnt a BIG lesson this last year. That allowing fear to make my choices is always a recipe for disaster. I usually know when I don't want to do something right away because I become avoidant. But I also noticed that I do need to mull something over to know for sure. I like to sit in mediation, hands over heart, and ask myself "is this in the highest and best interest for both parties?"  Saying 'yes' to clients or collaborations that either under-value my work or don't jive with me leads to burn-out or not really loving the project, thus infusing a certain type of suck-factor (yes this is a technical term) in to my work week. It drains the creativity out of me and really- I end up resenting the person I am working with and it makes me super grouchy. Not cool! It affects everything, even my close relationships, especially Landon since he lives with me lol poor guy. I want to cut out the bad vibes and feel good, always! 
  • Feeling so good that joy leaks out of my pores is the goal! The more joyful I feel the more joy I can share with everyone.  

connection. // 3 things:

  • Meet every client. Even if it means Skyping or Face-time. I don't feel comfortable booking anyone until I have gotten the chance to meet them because well I think its in everyones greatest interest to make sure we all get along and are all on the same page. I would say I accomplished this 98% of the time and the other 2% really reconfirmed this value of mine.  I've had the best best best clients ever because we could easily be best friends outside of the work we do together and it makes for beautiful photography and seemingly easy sessions. Photo-shoot with your best friend? FUN! Working with someone you don't like or just have bad vibes about doesn't really make sense now does it? I want to have the best time ever and I want my clients to feel the same. I want them to feel beautiful, seen, connected, and filled with joy and love when they get to work with me. 2016: One big love fest please, thank you very much. 
  • Collaboration is so much fun and working with other sweet creatives really makes me feel connected to a community and less alone in my photography world/entrepreneur-world. I also think that having people who are amazing at what they do and getting to highlight them and show-off their skills while doing what I love is pretty incredible. (again, one big love fest) This also means choosing the RIGHT collaborations, the ones that I feel like that are not just serving the other person but also the whole team as a unit. * Very important because see Joy (above) for reference! *
  •  Leave the house and just be seen, aka stop being a hermit. Its super easy to stay in my pyjamas all day, put zero makeup on, let my hair get super oily and never be seen by the public. Connection to the people around me is not only important for my sanity (Ive noticed my mood changes drastically if I am holed up for too long even though I am an introvert) its also important for marketing myself. I'm super duper friendly and I think walking the walk and meeting people in public reinforces that I am indeed a real person and bonus: meeting new people is awesome. *Thank you to all of you for such beaming recommendations, I love you!*

be you. // Drop the pressure to be someone/something i am not.

  • This is a big one. I thought I learnt it the first time around but no, The Universe had more planned for me as it always does to really test my value of authenticity. For a long time I was trying really hard to be something I wasn't, usually everything that I admired because I didn't trust that what I wanted to create wasn't valued, a total 'worthiness' issue. It ended up putting way too much pressure on my sessions and myself and that type of pressure didn't allow me to flourish in my own creativity and be original. When I decided to ease up and just be myself my own visual creativity began to blossom. Finding my niche and creative juices in photographing spaces has really developed my style with photographing people which I didn't expect, at all. I had no idea that it would end up totally revolutionizing my eye and how I see day to day moments. When I walk in to a space or see someone I can now see the photograph right away in my head which I feel like is a total level-up. Fist pump* 
  • Secondly it means marketing the way I want to. Creating things that I want to create and not allowing outside pressures to change that. I thought I had to create certain products because other photographers were doing it but then I remembered, Hey- I get to call the shots! I don't offer USB's because it is a totally unnecessary expense (in my mind) and snail mail is the WORST (thank you Canadian post for getting even more expensive.) So if someone is dead-set on a USB well then, I am ok with allowing them to find someone else. This will sound crazy to the generation before me but thats ok. I prefer to send online galleries (way faster, no potential error on the USB, no potential DAMAGE to said USB, don't have to charge my client MORE money, and faster turn around for photos) and plus it means that I get deliver special packages (gifts, albums, and prints!) in person (unless circumstances don't allow that like timing or location.)
  • There are a lot of things I still want to create too and some other photographers have already started, thats OK. I don't need to half-ass things in order to catch up and I am starting to learn to do things on my own timing. It can be hard because you always want to be a few steps farther ahead than what you are but the stress isn't healthy nor is it actually productive. Stop hustling. Be here right now.  

Move. // Feel good. do good.

  • I always feel best when I am in movement or surrounded by nature. So everyday I am dedicating myself to some type of movement. Whether its yoga class, spin class, taking a half-day and go snowboarding, taking my pup on a walk mid-day, a quick run, lifting weights at the gym, soccer, indoor volleyball, or even just a dance party in my office (thank you YouTube) or in the kitchen when Landon and I cook dinner.  I want to move and feel good in my body, period. The more I move and feel connected to my-self the better I feel. The better I feel - the better the work I produce! The better I feel - the more confident I feel which reflects in everything I do and in my relationships! People who feel crappy - tend to treat others crappy and I don't want to be that kind of person. Self-care is soooooooo important. 

Lightness. // Laugh, play, and stop being so serious. 

  • This may be a shock or it might not be... but I am a little spicy. I am a passionate person and I take myself very seriously. I thrive in 'crunchy conversations' and I need to laugh at myself more. When I first met Landon I was very light-hearted and fun and somewhere along the way I got super serious. I don't even know if its actually a personality trait or if its just a societal pressure or the craziness of the past two years. I love what I do and I think life is a playground to learn as much as possible and I constantly want to be growing. I want to be growing in my work, my relationships, spiritually... I never give myself a break and I am often EXTREMELY critical of myself. I hate messing up, I tend to berate myself and talk too negatively to myself when I don't do my best. So by extension I also can be very hard on others because I expect so much out of myself therefor expect more from others (mostly just the people closest to me) which isn't fair. So everyday I am infusing a sense of 'lightness' - learning to laugh more, to play and be silly and be far more generous with others and myself. My puppy Ella is so good at getting me to laugh and be silly. Landon is also a huge teacher for me in this as he is always full of joy and the most ridiculous jokes. He can poke fun at himself and me with such ease and I am learning so much from him to not take everything so seriously because honestly... Isn't taking life REALLY seriously kind of a drag? The world needs more laughter, more smiles, more love and joy. 

how do you want to feel? What are your intentions for the year of 2016? I would love to hear! Share in the comments below! <3 


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