Real + Raw: No one is YOU and that is your POWER.

Happy Monday! It's a fresh start to the week! I've been really reflecting on this quote, "No one is YOU, and that is your POWER."

Even going in to a career I created (like hello- I made all of this! how crazy is that) I sometimes end up doing things because other photographers/creatives do them or have done them. Sometimes that 'thing', whatever it may be, works and sometimes it leaves this terrible inauthentic feeling in the pit of my stomach. It just doesn't feel right- for me. It's like a bad pair of shoes that rub up against your sole and leaves a very painful blister. But we love those shoes! We love how they look, what they do for our aesthetic or how it makes us feel to be part of that trend... but the reality is- they suck, they hurt! But we keep putting them on thinking something will change... "Maybe I'll grow in to them. Maybe they will stretch out and mold to my feet...they will feel really good after I've worn them to bed for 8 hours, right?" Mmm, no. No no no. WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES? LOL

Just because it looks good or has worked for someone else, doesn't mean its right for YOU. Beautiful you. You are made up of so many incredible qualities that thread together the essence of your personality and how you connect/work/create with others. No one else can replicate that no matter HOW HARD they try. That is YOUR SUPER POWER my friend. So even if a million other people hold the same 'title' as you or create on a similar or identical platform as you do, doesn't mean you have to follow suit and do the exact same thing as them! (*If the only thing holding you back from what you truly want to do is the excuse that so many others already do it- this is a sign to bunker your butt down and make a game plan to do it! YOUR WAY!*)

Let's be real. Their are A TON of photographers, like... probably millions and it can be over-whelming thinking of all the cool people making awesome things for their clients. Trust me, I think I've had a couple of panic-attacks while scrolling through my instagram feed. There are so just so many talented people out there doing amazing things and it's hard not to be critical of yourself when you are surrounded by crazy talent.

I followed suit, I followed the right photographer-design products that told me what products I needed. I've designed wedding welcome packets (ok ok, half designed), I've done gorilla style photo-marathons, I did family photos, new born photography, minis, I've made mock-ups of boudoir and wedding magazines for my clients, I've made questionnaires, slideshows, videos, and so many other cool things because it was what everyone else was doing. I did weddings without the engagement shoot (not doing that ever again) and even way undervalued my time because of what other photographers were charging. Some of it felt right, and some of it really didn't feel like me or the right move for my business... And it really sucked. Just like how you put on shoes that don't feel good, and feeling inauthentic is like that big blister on the back of your heel but its felt even deeper, your soul feels blistered. *Feels gross right?* Now that can really shake up your vibration and how you feel every single day.

So I've decided to really ease up on myself. I've made a big decision to step back and really focus on things *singularly*(I love to multi-task but hey it's not really that productive- lets get real here.) I've really narrowed in on my core desires (Thank you Danielle LaPorte ) and realized that simplicity is an art-form all in itself and I desire it like no-bodies business. Probably because I am a classic case over-thinker, over-planner, do-every-thing-at-once kind of a gem of a person. And thats cool too! It has served me well up until this point and I am forever grateful. All that firey passion had to lift off this business and set me on this trajectory. But now, its time to be a little more strategic and figure out what I want to create; for me, for my clients, for the world, for the sake of art itself. And that's pretty awesome!!

No one is YOU and that is your POWER. So my friend, what are you going to do today? What are you going to do with your week? And how are you going to infuse it all with the incredible YOU-NESS that you, and only you, posses!?

Let me know, I'd love to hear all about it. :) 

To bigger,  bolder, more authentic trips around the sun,


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