My Life According To Instagram/ February 2016

Wow! What. A. Month. 

February was magical. The first week was a little stress inducing as I was preparing for my 'trip of a lifetime.' I'm not a very seasoned traveler so I had many anxieties and fears. Also a dash of sadness leaving my pup behind who is very much my little partner in crime! I ended up over-packing and also packed last minute. (Do not recommend this.) I pulled an all-nighter (also this) before getting on the plane. 

If you are just tuning in, I traveled across 3 different states in the USA. I traveled from Arizona to California and then onward to Oregon. It was amazing!! It was a huge accomplishment for me as I have never been in a situation where I could do this for myself.  I'll be writing more about these trips but if you want a little bit of an over-view and highlights per state, please check out my blog 'Learnings & Reflections From #JHGOESWEST." 

Here is my life according to instagram paired up with some highlights that are in no particular order. How was your February!? I would love to hear any major highlights or growth you experienced. 


  • Booked my #YVR trip! Can't wait for ocean air & cherry blossoms! If you want to book a session with me: contact me! I have one available spot left!
  • Head-shots with Mckinley Burkart 
  • Finalized my gallery with Jessica & Matt from their downtown engagement! Check out this tiny little engagement video I put together for them >> here.
  • I packed my bags for #JHGOESWEST *holy nerves central*
  • Traveled to Arizona and soaked in the beautiful desert landscapes. Fell in love with cacti, the glimmer of a pool, and hiked with Landon and his Aunt Colleen.
  • illegally picked oranges in Phoenix #woops
  • Met with PAIGE POPPE from Paige Poppe Art! We got coffee in Scottsdale, AZ and spontaneously did a photo-shoot in Papago Park. #instafriends #instalove / I was so sad to say good-bye to her and wish I got more time to hang-out!
  • Experienced True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale and desperately wish I could eat every meal there every day for the rest of my life. *heart eyes* 
  • Achieved a big step in my life, traveling SOLO. #highfive
  • Flew to Fresno and got to experience The Valley (different from the one by LA) and nothing to write home about. It looks kind of like Saskatchewan but no farms. 
  • Stayed in SLO (San Luis Obispo) which has been named 'The Happiest Place in America" which I totally agree with! It is the most beautiful little beach town and I am so so so happy that I got to experience it.
  • Experienced BIG SUR and the winding roads of PCH. (Pacific Coast Highway - talking like a local)
  • Learnt so much California Lingo
  • Met and stayed with ASIA CROSON from Asia Croson Photography. We fell in love you guys, #instabesties 
  • Photographed Asia & Johns couples story and played with video! Here is a video in to their session with me. Be prepared to have some major butterflies!! >> here.
  • I got to have a portrait session with Asia and can't wait to share those images!! #asiacrosonphotography You can view the video she made of me on the beach >> here. 
  • Flew to Portland and stayed with my friend and (previous neighbor in YYC) Sarah! We explored so many waterfalls and the PNW rainforest. It was amaaaazzinngggg!!
  • Did something totally new! I did a video-session with Sarah which I have now dubbed "companion story" of Sarah and her sweet golden retriever Kiva. View it here! Warning: you might get teary and your heart will want to burst with love. 
  • Managed to complete my whole list of 'must sees' in Portland. #heckyeah
  • #JHPbookclub - Reading "Your Voice In My Head" - by Emma Forrest
  • Creative Shoot Collaboration in dream location: hug point & cannon beach on the west coast! Stay tuned for a gallery! ;) 
  • Celebrated my 27th birthday!! & then chopped off my hair in celebration of my growth and excitement for my future! <3 

To many more 'magical' moments,