My Life According To Instagram | April 2016

April was a pretty cool month. It's amazing to see the intentions I set at the beginning of the year come to fruition and of course- way sooner than I ever imagined. What you focus on EXPANDS. This is why I have a nightly ritual of writing down my gratitude. 

I learnt a lot in April. My fears bubbled to the surface and I was left with the resounding sound of my own heart in the moments where I felt emptied. Although in that particular moment, its hard, but looking back I am always grateful. Those moments show me where I need to give myself grace and love. So this is the intention I hold moving in to May... "be gentle. give yourself grace. trust yourself. you are always taken care of."


Highlights of April 

  • Dote Magazine Spring Issue released!! Get your copy now! So lucky to have another cover image with Dote Magazine. Collaborated with the amazingly talented AJ, Stylist - Pink & Honey
  • See my favourite images from my Dote Shoot HERE. ****
  • Joanne + Aaron engagement session in Maple Ridge, BC - View their E-Session in Motion (Film) here. 
  • LAUNCHED MY RE-DESIGN FOR MY WEBSITE! Cheers! So in love with it. I celebrated with mimosas and a day off in the sun! <3
  • Colour Bomb Photo Shoot with MVGM Photography. See the photos! It was such a blast and surprisingly #smokebomb
  • I traveled to Vancouver for the Canada Photo Convention and learnt so much and met so many cool people!
  • Finalized my gallery from a wonderful bridal shoot in Portland, Oregon. #westcoastbeauty
  • Asia came to Vancouver and we worked for 3-4 days together and had our own little convention in the beautiful rainy city! 
  • BANDED-PEAK BREWERY is so close to opening. I photographed some behind the scenes of their warehouse/brewery as it transitions in to a walk-in tap room! See it here. 
  • RAD Architecture celebrated their new name change to FRANK so I shared our latest project: Alforno Bakery here in Calgary.
  • Delivered Megan + Pauls gorgeous wedding album: View the album + delivery here. 
  • If I Could Lighten Up A Little // A blast from the past from Devoted Shift. 
  • Learnt a hard-lesson. That people will make their own story about you and you can't do anything about it. #YouOnlyKnowTheTruth
  • Karlee and I did a small little maternity shoot (something I don't typically do) in celebration of her new baby boy! So lucky to photograph a good friend while she transitions on to a new exciting path!
  • PAINTING FEVER. Water colours + acrylics, oh my! So obsessed with painting right now. So healing.
  • Photographed Office Lifestyle with the incredible team over at MODA (Modern Office of Design + Architecture)