Aaron + Joanne | West Coast Meets Prairies Saskatoon Wedding

It's hard not to get too long-winded when I talk about these two. Since we met in a blizzardy Saskatoon last winter we have grown closer and closer as friends. The day of their wedding left me feeling breathless in emotion as I knew it was coming quickly to an end and I just wanted it to continue on forever. 

You see... I knew instantly that Jo and I were going to be friends as soon as I saw her 'deathly hallows' necklace wrapped around her neck in Drift Cafe. She is a huge HP fan like me, an outspoken introvert, adores cute little shops, and collects stationary. Aaron, like Landon, is slightly quiet, extremely passionate about what he does, and adores the outdoors. I remember leaving our meeting telling Landon how much I loved them and that I hoped we would meet again soon. And we did! - I flew out to Vancouver this past April to do their engagement session in Maple Ridge. Witnessing Aaron in his element was so amazing and I loved that I got to spend somewhere around 5 hours exploring with them, getting to know them further, and witnessing the incredible love they share.

Their wedding day was the perfect blend of their west coast home and prairie roots. Aaron had met Joanne around 9 years prior in Saskatoon at a bar. It wasn't until I heard his sister Emilys speech on where Aaron was in his life at that time that it all came together for me. A deeper understanding of the love they have. Joanne breathed life back in to him, the way she does with everyone.  Joanne is naturally full of warmth and joy, it is incredibly contagious. Aaron is deeply sentimental, a family man, appreciates the true beauty in everything and knew to never take her love and warmth for granted. His darkness passed as her light touched his life and his love for life and all its beauty found him again. 

Emilys speech was so admiring in so many ways. I go to a lot of weddings and it isn't very often we hear about hardships, family troubles, or the trials of a relationship. I truly admired her for sharing a story that is so like so many others but whom aren't as courageous to tell. The truth is with every relationship there is struggle. Their story was so real to me, so familiar and incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad they found each other and that they can both be happy together. They both deserve all the love and support in the world. We are all flawed, imperfect- yet there is always that one person we are truly perfect for, the person who doesn't see our past as baggage but as a part of our story as we grow forward, the person who sees us for who we are despite our darkness or struggle and whom believes we are worth fighting for. 


Congratulations again you two! Love you both so much and so grateful to feel like such a big part of your day and welcomed so lovingly by your family and friends! Can't wait to visit again with you! 



Second Shooter / / Landon Anholt
Event Coordination / / Crystal Macleod, RSVP Event Design
MUA / / Lisa Hallam
Hair / / Capelli Salon Studio, Saskatoon, SK
Dress Designer / / Mikaella
Dress Boutique / / Champagne & Lace, Abbotsford, BC
Florals / / Anthology Home Collection, Saskatoon, SK
Venue / / Boffins Public House, Saskatoon, SK
Cake / /  Emily  Dixon (Aarons Sister)
Piano / / Jesse Brown

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"I can promise that
I'll see you through
any crisis,
and hope with you,
dream with you,
build with you,
and always cheer you on
and encourage you.

I can promise that
I'll share my dreams
my world,
and every aspect
of my life with you.

I'll willingly be
your protector,
your advisor,
your counselor,
your friend,
your family,
your everything.
And I believe that's
what love is truly
all about." - - Bhal

August 20, 2016

The First Look!! 

Officially Mr & Mrs!!

A Very special moment between three generations of women <3

The Reception 

A surprise for the bride!

For the past few months Aaron learnt how to play the Ukulele without Jo ever knowing!  Over the past few days he and some friends/family formed a quick band who he jokingly named the "pre-nuptials" for a once in a lifetime show. They played the song "Dancing in the moonlight" by King Harvest.

Video: Warning the audio is a little off, the xylophone is very 'tingy' and loud and I'm trying to fix it! I wanted to share the video regardless just so you can see the surprise! :) I would recommend keeping the volume low lol ;)