My Mission Statement: "All heart. All the time."

All heart, all the time.

This is my life motto and can pretty much sum me up pretty quickly in my personal and business life. If you aren't doing something with your whole heart than I guess I feel like... what's the point?

I have a very low tolerance for unhappiness, probably because my start in life was very hard for me. It made me extremely driven, resilient, and quick to change if something was causing pain or I was causing someone else pain. I'm not here to live and connect at 80%. I care. So much. About so much. Everything. All the time. I used to think it was such a burden. But now I see it as my greatest gift.

If I don't care then I know I'm not in it- not present, not in my full joy and gratitude. I try to come from a place of love, empathy, and understanding as much as possible. (This doesn't mean you lose your boundaries or that you won't mess up.) You will mess up! I mess up all the time, I'm not perfect at all and share my own struggles and flaws. My Instagram feed is pretty and I'm a decent writer but I'm a messy human too. I work hard for growth but it doesn't mean I don't fail. (And boundaries are essential to living a heart centered life FYI.) You fight for your happiness and you fight for your heart.

This motto... This mission statement for myself is what I always come back to... When I'm successful. When I fail. I know my intentions are there, they are good, so I can start all over, move on, fess up, apologize, be brave, keep going... It also means I'm dedicated to serving my clients in a way that's pure, where I feel like i gained a friend and not just a pay-cheque. I rather be part of someone's life in an impactful way than to be nothing... Because well... What's the point? I want to be useful, I want to matter, I want to be seen, we all do.

All heart, all the time.

Leave people better if you can in anyway, big or small, give what you can, share your gifts. We all have strengths and something to offer. Mine is heart. I see that more than ever now. I thought I was just "sensitive" which I am. But it's really just heart and love. How AMAZINGLY beautiful and powerful. But it's only powerful if I see it as my gift, not my burden.

What's your motto? Your mission statement?

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