2017 February Calendar Download



I'm so excited today because Landon has started the Whole 30 journey for the first time!! Now if you have been following me for the last year you will likely know that I am a BIG FAN of the whole 30 as it has really changed my life and my health. I have truly accomplished FOOD FREEDOM. I really didn't think that was possible. I was very skeptical. Read more about my personal story about Mental illness and my Whole 30 Journey here.

This is my third go, my third reset. My first reset was in May of 2016, My second spanned two months over the Christmas holidays (December 2016-January 2017) and now that we are back from our travels- February begins a new reset! 

I couldn't find a really simple free download off of Pinterest for the 2017 February Calendar so I made one! I wanted to share it with you! Click the button below for the PDF download.