18 for 2018 Review


After listening to one of my favourite Podcasts: Happier by Gretchen Rubin, I ended up creating a "18 for 2018" to-do list! As a type-A-list-lover, I was pretty gung-ho on this idea and made up a pretty practical list of things I wanted to accomplish and even allowed myself to revise when needed because at the end of the day: I make the rules! This type of freedom felt so inspiring and energizing!

Every month or so I would check in and check-off the things I had completed and update ones that were I.P (in progress) or to get clear on other points: example: weekend getaway with Landon. Where are we doing? What month would this be in? etc.

So here is my 18 for 2018! 

highlighted items were not completed*

1. Go Keto for 30 days.
Did it! It made me super irritable and I actually GAINED weight from the experiment even though I followed the program really well without "cheating." It was so frustrating to see other people do it and cheat with their carbs and lost 15+lbs. It drove me crazy!! It did help my neurological symptoms from my auto-immune disease which I was grateful for but at the end of the day I would never do it again. I found out later that those who have type-O blood are less likely to do well on Keto. Would have loved to know that earlier.... lol. 

2. Clean and organize the 'water closet.'
This is such an annoying closet as it houses our water heater and an odd shape to store things. I ended up building some shelves and reorganizing the whole thing and donating a bunch of linens and towels. 

3. Finish a 10 day pass at Pilates.
I.P ! I only have a few days left. I love reformer pilates but also love doing at-home mat work. 

4. Try micro-blading.
Best thing I ever did. 

5. Pay off our Credit Card. (I paid off $11,000!)
I technically didn't fully-pay it off because we still use it but I paid off a very large chunk and got pretty close so I am considering that a big win! 

6. Get a pre-paid card for business expenses.

7. Hit my 'natural weight' again. 
I.P! Its very unlikely I will get back there by the end of the year but I am happy to report since coming off of my anti-depressants I've lost weight quite naturally and starting to feel better not only physically but also mentally as my body adjusts.

8. Get car detailed.

9. Advanced drivers test.

10. Wedding gallery wall in our master bedroom.

11. Read ONE fictional book.
I read "Into the water" and really didn't care for it. haha I have a really hard time finding fictional books that I love.

12. Re-landscape the dog run.
We got someone to look at our dog run to give us a quote in the summer but they never ended up getting back to us so this is our project going in to 2019 for the spring as it really needs to be dug up. It stinks haha. 

13. Start a new tradition.I crossed this off and I am trying to figure out what our tradition is! 

14. Do a "no shop" month.
This is the hardest and a new goal for 2019 as I kept trying and failing haha. 

15. Weekend get-away with Landon.
We went away to New York City. 

16. Donate digital stuff.

17. Start tattoo removal.
Another one to start in 2019. I did some research on the best type of removal and found out it will likely take at-least 4 sessions to remove my tattoo. I want to start this sooner rather than later and should book an official consultation but oh my gosh, I am nervous!! So many people have told me it hurts. 

18. Volunteer our home for bible study. 

14/18 is pretty good. I am proud of myself especially when I started half-way through the year. The remaining ones will most definitely go on to my list for 2019! But since 2019 is also the year I turn 30, I want to do a bucketlist for myself as well. 2019 is the year of lists I guess haha!!