Project 333: Capsule Wardrobe Winter '18


My favourite thing ever is to declutter my closet. I get really bored of my clothing fairly quickly especially when I purchase things out of boredom, buy something thats too cheap, or buy something online that didn't fit properly and too lazy to return. So while I was decluttering my closet I came across a really beautiful velvet tank-top I wanted but NEVER wear. In that moment I actually realized I don't like wearing tank tops but I keep buying them!? Ha!! It's because I don't love having bare arms and I am always cold. So guess what? I no longer buy tank tops or tops that are sleeveless. I then donated all of my tank-tops because they would just hang there... taking up space.

But wait, there is more!

During this last Christmas (2017), I packed a ton of clothing for the 2 weeks I would be away but then I ended up reusing the same 4 outfits instead of wearing the other clothing that I brought. This made me start thinking about the pieces of clothing I really enjoy wearing. I started to ask myself why I liked wearing them. Was it the fit? material? colour? the brand? Why did I keep revisiting those specific pieces and over-looking the others?

Paying attention to what I actually enjoyed wearing over what I "wanted" to like but actually didn't was pretty revolutionary for me. It also made me a really great packer for traveling! 2018 was the year of solo travels for me with photographing interiors and I never pay to check my bag anymore. Its awesome and I don't sacrifice style.

Anyway this is what I have learned and seeing it all written down just reinforces what works for me and what doesn't.


What I like:

  • High-rise fit jeans

  • Skinny fit jeans

  • Ripped and non-ripped

  • Black leggings/Pleather tights 

  • Neutrals: White/Cream, Black, Grey, Navy, Brown, Nude

  • Colour: Rich greens (think Emerald), Merlot, Blush Pink, Mustard, Some blues

  • Quality fabrics: I will wear more expensive purchases more often and usually only get one or two wears out of a cheaper alternative after a few washes

  • A-line dresses and skirts (especially when paired with a gorgeous sweater)

  • Long sleeves 

  • Knitted sweaters 

  • Bamboo shirts for casual tees: Rounded edges for casual wear, Square edges for layering.

  • Simple earrings: my Hillburg & Burk solitaires are my go tos

  • Bold earrings: I like a flash of colour and boldness for evening wear because my clothing is usually pretty neutral and classic 

  • Simple necklaces: like a gold bar, single pendant, or 'initial' statement neclace

  • Boat neck for casual shirts

  • 3/4 Sleeves

What I don't like:

  • Boot cut or ankle cut 

  • Mid-rise/Low-rise jeans or slacks

  • Straight-leg

  • Flare

  • Coloured pants or corduroy 

  • Specific cotton blends that lose shape after a few washes

  • Anything from cheaper stores like Forever 21, Old Navy, Joe Fresh, American Eagle, etc. 

  • Anything too form fitting around my belly 

  • Belts (I have one circa 2007 that I still have but never wear) 

  • Graphic tees or giant logos 

  • Watches *shrugs shoulders*

  • Stackable rings

  • Cap sleeves, Tank tops, Crew neck

  • Primary colours

  • Empire waist 

  • Sheer blouses (I put it on and automatically wonder... WHY?)

  • Anything itchy or clingy (see sheer blouses^) 

  • I guess I don't actually like wearing red, even if its the holidays haha 

just a crummy iphone photo will do lol

just a crummy iphone photo will do lol


Alright here we go! Project 333! 33 pieces of clothing (+ accessories) for 3 months. Canada is a bit tricky, our seasons are unusually long in some (winter) and unusually short in others (spring and fall.) Some would argue Summer isn't very long but last year (2016) it was at-least 4 months. So I am starting the months of December-February and will reassess afterward, which will likely be needed as I am sure somewhere along the way I realize there are things that will work and also not work.


My favourite high-rise levi jeans (light wash)
Aritzia leather leggings (black)
Dark Wash Levi High-Waist Jeans
Gap ripped boyfriend jeans (light wash)
Gap jeans (light wash)
Gap jeans (medium wash)
Lululemon black tights

Mustard Romper Dress
Zara high-neck spotted dress
Zara Modern Cheetach Print Dress

Aritzia White Henley (obsessed)
Aritzia Black Henley
Aritzia Green Henley
Gap Checkered Long-sleeve (layering piece)
Blush pink peplum shirt
Navy Peplum shirt
Zara black peplum shirt
Zara blue decorative shirt
Grey pearl tshirt
Zara long black shirt-dress

Sweaters/Vests:Light grey Aritzia Wilfred Sweater
Mustard Urban Outfitters Sweater
Eddie Bower Vest
Long grey vest shirt
Gap grey/white stripe sweater
Dark purpe sweater
Blush crop-top sweater
Pink Aritzia Sweater

Accessories:Hillberk & Berk Sparkle Earring in Opal
Hillberk & Berk Sparkle Earring in Rose Gold
Oversized ViciDolls Earrings in Yellow
H&M Black Chain Earrings
H&M Gold Chain Earrings