4 Fun Tips To Prepare You For Your Engagement Session

After shutting down Skype, hanging and bouncing ideas off of another #friendtrepreneur Asia Croson, I started thinking about prepatory work for engagement sessions. It also helps that this weekend I have a shoot with one of my best friends and her fiancé. She's getting married in November and I'm a bridesmaid and I am also their photographer. (Yeah, we are still trying to figure out how that works too... should be fun!) So to get the juices flowing early, this is the perfect time to share some tips on how to prep for your E-session.

So You're About To Do An Engagement Session...

I like to direct my clients to do a few FUN things so they feel even more prepared, because we all know, if we feel somewhat prepared we naturally feel more confident! Before we start I want you to know that I don't hold the expectation that my clients know what type of posing/cueing they want to do. I always let them know at the beginning of the shoot that wherever they are at it is perfect! I don't expect you to feel totally comfortable, being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable and awkward but that's why I am there to coach you through it while having a good time and making it authentic! 

Fun Tip #1: Look At Past Work

I send slideshows to my clients to help them prepare. Not every photographer does this! You can also look through my past work and take note of your favourite photos. By looking at past work you can gauge an idea of what you will be doing on your shoot. A little walking, cuddling, kissing, etc. Envision you and your beau (or beau-ette / thats not a word) doing these same things! Pre-visioning (also not a word) is so helpful to get both you and your fiancé in the headspace for a session before it happens! 

Fun Tip #2: Practice In The Mirror

This is a good way to get started after going through images you love! It sounds dorky but its super fun and a cute way to prep with your fiancé. Practice your favourite images together! You will quickly get super goofy and do ridiculous things and thats OK! All of that is totally welcomed on your shoot too. Bring the goofiness, the shyness, the cuteness, bring it all! Landon and I practice in front of a mirror a lot! Mostly because I am always wanting new ideas for cueing/posing my clients. Its hard to cue something you have never done before, so practicing helps me, so I am confident it will help you! Don't ever be afraid to bring your ideas to a shoot. If you don't feel comfortable bringing your ideas, thats ok too, just practicing different things will make you feel more comfortable on your shoot in general. It's like a dress rehearsal. So win-win for everyone!

Fun Tip #3: Pick An Outfit That Makes You Feel HOT

Don't wear what you think you have to wear. Remember, I have no expectations. Please wear whatever makes you feel confident, sexy, and delicious because all of that will come through on your photos. Get your hair done, get your makeup done, and rock it! This goes for the guys too... If they need to adopt an alter-ego like Bee does (Sasha Fierce), let him wear a leather Jacket and aviators so he feels all Maverick; like he could totally pass as a fighter jet pilot. Whatever gets your confidence juices flowinnnnnn. Just please, please don't show up all early 2000's Brit/Justin style in matching denim outfits. It ain't cute. 

Fun Tip #4: Revisit Your "Meet Cute"

How did you meet? Because we are going to talk about it!! Its also super cutesy to walk down memory lane and talk about all the funny things like, "You thought you were such a hot shot!" "You fell in love with me right away and I knew it!" insert: rib jabs and giggles. Also to get the story straight so me, your photographer, isn't like... "Whatttt? So you met at Starbucks? Or was it a University Party?" Landon and I still tell our stories a little bit different. We thought our first date were on different days lol. Either way, bring all of that with you! Bring your discussion and your story and we will surely have a fun time. 

xx to love & other things,


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