Andrea's "Trash The Dress" Session


The wedding day has come and passed, it was everything you ever dreamed of- the wedding cake left-overs are somewhere buried in the deep-freeze, your flowers are hung up-side down dried or placed in-between your favourite book of poetry, and your wedding dress in hanging in a bag somewhere in your closet.... 

Andrea, a past wedding boudoir client, approached me with her wedding dress in hand wanting to do a 'trash the dress' session before summer ended. I haven't had the chance to do one yet, because lets be honest- not so many ladies are really jazzed to take their wedding dress and 'trash it.' Although I am a TOTAL fan of this idea and plan on doing one in the future. 

What I love about this type of session is although there is love, sentiment, and incredible memories tied to the dress it shows bravado, non-attachment (understanding impermanence,) and a sense of light-heartedness to take your dress and repurpose it. After all, it's expensive fabric that will sit in your closet a very long time... and lets be honest- how many of us really wear out mothers wedding dress? (thanks, but no thanks.) 

We don't leave this world with possessions, we only leave this world with our experiences and memories and Andrea created a new, fun, and stunningly beautiful memory with our session together. She is also thinking of using the photos to make a story-book for her niece. How amazing is that!?!? 

Here are my favourites from our session together.