Ashley & Brendon Bridgeland Engagement Session

It seems timely to share this engagement session of Ashley & Brendon since we are only 4 days away from their wedding day in Calgary at The Uncommons!

After meeting them last year, I instantly fell in love with them both, the way you always fall in love; with the excitement of the future in mind, hard, fast, and exhilirating! Ashley and I have grown to be close friends and used 'wedding meetings' to really just get together and talk about life, healing, and our interests in spirituality and making the world a beautiful place. Now, knowing Ashley more intimately, I am so incredibly happy she found a partner in Brendon, the love of her life. He really is everything perfect. I don't believe we need another person to make ourselves whole, I believe we meet our twin-flames in order to act out our dharma (souls purpose), the person who not only sets everything forward in a motion so cosmical, universally needed; but also who highlights your strengths, who makes you feel beautiful (because you are) and who also challenges you in your darkest spaces, your shadows and wounds (we all have them) in order to bring you forward in to the light of love. That's what love does, brings us forward in to our own miracle, our own growth of who we are into who we set out to be. 

So here is to their miracle, their incredible love and the future they will create together in union. Can't wait to celebrate and take photos of your day!!