Ashley & Jakob | Saskatoon Autumn Wedding


It truly was a family affair this last weekend! Landon and I hit the road to Saskatoon for his sisters wedding. Ashley & Jakobs family and friends came together to create the most incredible day. The Palms flew in from Sweden and Switzerland to take part in the festivities and to help with the preparation. It was a mixture of hard manual labour, cooking, crafts, floral arrangements, landscaping, photography, and so so soooo much more! Family made it all possible and it was truly incredible and a day I will never forget! 

You would never know by the photos but it was a super chilly rainy day, the wedding party were TROOPERS! Braving the cold and having a fun time while doing it! 

Here is a quick little peek! Enjoy! :) 



Floral Arrangements: Colleen Hancharuk
Church: St.Andrews Presbyterian, Saskatoon, Sask
Ceremony: Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church
Reception: Fred Summach Homestead, Asquith, Sask
Head-table & Band back-drop: Landon Anholt + Jan
Staff: Chelsea & Greg Abramoff, Kent, Lara, Bev Peters and Crew
Band: Denise Valle + The Law and The Prophets


Second-shooter: Landon Anholt
Food: Kent Peters, Mike Snatinsky, Palm Family + Shawna Schmidt
Wine: Crafted by Len Koop & Don Penner
Cake: Amy Smith
Pies: Shawna Schmidt, Kayla Hunt, and Cheryl Anholt
Decor: Summach Family
Dress: Allure from Exquisite
Hair: Jolene Peters of 'Hair by Jo'
Makeup: Courtney Janz & Ashley / The Make-Up Studio