Asia + John | California Couples Story PT. I

I met Asia online through an online business coach. Her incredibly energy and enthusiasm about life was beautiful and I instantly wanted to be her friend. After watching her "Taking Shots" videos on YouTube, I started following her on Snapchat (my absolute favourite app next to instagram)  and we quickly became fast friends!

Last February I spontaneously took a trip and stayed with Asia for 4 days in California. I slowly fell in love with California but also with Asia and John as a couple. They are amazing human beings, separately of course, but together they are pure hilarious and fun. Their energy is dynamite, contagious, and there is never a dull moment. 

Speaking to both of them on their love story, you know that they have had an incredible journey, full of travel, ups and downs, immense amounts of laughter, and deep connection. John has always been a huge supporter of Asias business as a photographer and they constantly lift each other up. They are not only best friends but partners for life. 


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