Calligraphy Isn't Dead + Free Worksheets

There's something you need to know about me. I hate printing. It actually pains me to not curl my letters together and individually write them out. Landon and I struggle when I leave him notes because my handwriting is practically a relic, so hard to decipher, but its beautiful and thats all that matters right?

I have always loved hand-writing and fell in love with Calligraphy as a young girl. So much so that I was gifted a gorgeous calligraphy pen for my graduation gift from my then boyfriends mother. She knew me so well! She also gifted me a yoga mat before I even knew how much I loved it. She totally got me. I still have the pen, the ink, and the yoga mat. 

Anyways... I was at a client meeting with one of my #jhpbride's on Wednesday. As we sat down over coffee she saw in my notebook my handwriting of her name and her soon-to-be husband at the top of the sheet. She oo'd over my nice writing! (insert typical response of "its so messy.") and said "we should have gotten you to do our invites!" I laughed and on the inside I had to fight myself from saying "OK!" because I'm really nice and a total typography, hand-writing, stationary NERD and I will gladly write out 100 invites with a pretty pen. That actually sounds like a good time to me. 

But then I had an even BETTER idea!! They don't teach hand-writing in school anymore which is a whole other issue I won't discuss here. So, being an advocate for pretty yet functional writing, I decided to share a standard worksheet for Calligraphy! That way anyone who would like to learn, can! Whether you are using it for Thank You notes, your wedding invites, or your just dying to DIY your own water colour calligraphy poster like this beauty, then have no fear! I'm here to help!

Free Worksheet + How To

I found these worksheets for free via The Postmans Knock! I had actually used the Kaitlin template to help design a wedding invite for Landons sisters wedding. I hand-drawn the script using the template, scanned it to my computer and uploaded it to photoshop to create the digital file for the invite design. You can always just do this for fun or to make your writing a little more snazzy. Here is a basic how to, to get started:

  1. Print off Kaitlin Worksheet and practice using the sheets provided. very remiscent of those workbooks and sheets from elementary school. Feel free to take a nap after and eat dunk-a-roo's. (omg those were so good)
  2. Take a blank piece of paper and a pencil and do your first name, tracing over the worksheet, making sure to link each letter together as you go along. *This may take a few tries to get it right... and straight.*
  3. Once finished, use a black fine-tip ink pen or calligraphy pen and you are finished! Or get real fancy and try black water colour. You will need a really fine-tip water colour brush. 

    Wah lah! So fun.  

You'll be a calligraphy queen/king in no time. Check out The Postmans Knock's shop for all the different styles of lettering. 

Call to action! 

  1. Do you already hand-write? What do you think of schools no longer teaching handwriting? Comment below! Share some love.
  2. If you try this worksheet, I would love love love to hear from you! Also if you do any work tag me and the wonderful The Postmans Knock so we can both see your awesome handy work (pun intended).
  3. If you use the worksheet, send some love to owner who created them, here. They are for free and I am sure she would be so blown away by your gratitude! #goodbegetsgood 

xx hugs and ink splotches,