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18 for 2018 Review

After listening to one of my favourite Podcasts: Happier by Gretchen Rubin, I ended up creating a "18 for 2018" to-do list! As a type-A-list-lover, I was pretty gung-ho on this idea and made up a pretty practical list of things I wanted to accomplish and even allowed myself to revise when needed because at the end of the day: I make the rules! This type of freedom felt so inspiring and energizing!

Every month or so I would check in and check-off the things I had completed and update ones that were I.P (in progress) or to get clear on other points: example: weekend getaway with Landon. Where are we doing? What month would this be in? etc.

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Project 333: Capsule Wardrobe Winter '18

My favourite thing ever is to declutter my closet. I get really bored of my clothing fairly quickly especially when I purchase things out of boredom, buy something thats too cheap, or buy something online that didn't fit properly and too lazy to return. So while I was decluttering my closet I came across a really beautiful velvet tank-top I wanted but NEVER wear. In that moment I actually realized I don't like wearing tank tops but I keep buying them!? Ha!! It's because I don't love having bare arms and I am always cold. So guess what? I no longer buy tank tops or tops that are sleeveless. I then donated all of my tank-tops because they would just hang there... taking up space.

But wait, there is more!

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LymeDiaries: What is disease & what is Just... Life?

There's something wrong. I have vomit stinging the back of my nostrils, that sweet acid smell as I try to keep the food down while sitting on my bathroom floor. I'm google-searching as I always do when I experience strange sensations or symptoms- wondering If I am crazy or if another person affected with Lyme has experienced something similar.

 I was on my way to a photo-shoot when all of a sudden my eye-sight went blurry, while driving, and I panicked. Then you do what you always do, you start to justify what else it could be, 'oh it's probably from all the screen time today' but then all of a sudden moving my eyes from the car in front of me over to the light above I feel like I am moving through water, delayed and fluid, the light is too bright, and then the strangest sensation of all starts to happen…

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