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Emma & Travis | Stunning Elopement in Positano, Italy

How do you plan a wedding with someone you have been with for a decade? You remember that it's always been you two all along and you take an adventure.

Emma and Travis decided to take their vows and travel to Italy, to the most beautiful little coastal town called Positano. With home far away, they held each others hands as they read their personal vows on a terrace over-looking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the sun-kissed mountain as the sun began to set. The only on-lookers were Landon and I, an honour I can never truly put in to words. 

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Michelle & Ben | Beautiful Autumn Wedding | Valley Ridge Golf Course

Michelle & Ben both swiped right. That's right, they are a tinder success story! After their first date (phil & seb and a 3 hour walk around mission) Ben said he went home and just knew that he met his wife. They instantly became best friends, they easily laugh together and have even developed their own little language (as it seems whenever I am around them lol.) It was a short 8 months later when Ben proposed. It was just right. Since then they moved in to a new home and welcomed an adorable puppy in to their little family all while planning a wedding! 

When I met them (which I think was almost 2 years ago!) I instantly adored them. They are so light-hearted, love on each other hard but most importantly have a friendship that feels so steady. They don't just love each other, they also really like each other.

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Stacy & Nick | Autumn Wedding in Lake Louise, Alberta

Stacy & Nick met at a mutual friends birthday party. Nick was instantly taken with Stacy, she's beautiful, but after talking with her he knew she was so much more; compassionate, strong, and smart. After the party he got the courage to text her to ask if she wanted to join him and some friends to see a movie, Spider Man. When Stacy showed up and saw Nick all alone she asked, "where's your friends?" Nick, being the funny big-hearted man that he is said "I have no friends." Haha! This was his sneaky way to get her to go on a date with him and it worked! 

Stacy has a jam-packed schedule trying to work at the lab, volunteer, and earn her two doctorates so Nick had a challenge of trying to find the right time to propose to her.

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Amanda & Curtis | Boho Blush Wedding in Spruce Meadows

Remember the couple who I had mentioned that he had saved her life? Thats this lovely couple, Amanda & Curtis, and this last weekend they officially became Mr & Mrs Billsten!

They met while working together at West 3 years ago, he was a bouncer who had a crush on her and she was a bartender. One evening she had went in to the woman's washroom to do a quick clean up when she had slipped on water (we have all seen how bar washrooms can get trashed) and ended up slicing (yikes!) her arm open. She laid in a pool of blood when Curtis came in and rescued her. It wasn't until 6 months after they had both left West that they reconnected….

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Stephanie & Darcy | Elegant White Spruce Meadows Wedding

The moment Darcy met Stephanie, he fell in love with her beauty and her smile. He quickly realized that this blue-eyed beauty also had a heart of gold, from the love that she holds for her family, her loyalty to her friends, but also her tireless energy to tending to children and their families as a nurse. When I asked Stephanie what would surprise me about Darcy she said how funny he can be. Darcy has such a soft demeanour, more quiet, but as the wedding day unfolded I started to see more and more of his silly side come out…

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