Colour Bomb w/ MVGM Photo

A little over a month ago my friend/photographer Megan Van Gogh Mckinnon (that is ACTUALLY her middle name it's amazing) decided to get together and go play with a few colour smoke bombs in the woods. How cool! Of course I could not say no to a little photo-play. 

A few fun things to note for anyone who is interested in using Smoke bombs: They are incredibly potent with colour and not as easy to manipulate as you may think. Its literally just smoke so I don't recommend inhaling it as much as we did haha. I felt like I had smokers lung for two days. Also don't wear anything you wont mind being accidentally colour dyed. *woops*

It was neat to only have a few seconds to create something beautiful and interesting- a fun little challenge as a photographer. We realized quickly we had to think of movement and placement of the smoke before we committed to pulling the draw string. Which seems like a 'duh, no kidding' but it didn't cross my mind surprisingly. Intention. Intention. Intention. That was our theme. 

Here are some of my fave shots. If you would like to see the work she created with me as her subject- you should check out her blog post >> here. 

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