DIY: Re-Designing Our Space!

Two days in to the New Year, Landon and I were shooting fellow Interior Designer / Architect Tara Marshall's home. It left me feeling pretty inspired. I love her space a lot and she is super great at changing a space on a budget. 

Our house is pretty nice! The main common areas have been our main focus for the past two years but I have been really wanting to do something with our master bedroom. I really wanted it to be more of an oasis and to create a space that we could wake up feeling inspired (especially because we are both professional creatives.) Our master bedroom is a very odd shape and is very big so I am working in sections. I don't want to over-whelm myself and I want the space to be functional and useful while I make the changes so I set out to make it easy, fun, and attainable with my schedule. 

We are on a budget! So I wanted to spend the least amount of money as possible. Luckily, I had everything I needed to re-do the 'dresser space.' So it was free! Yippee! I decluttered, grabbed a blank canvas and painted a picture to get rid of our ikea one, and grabbed different accessories from around the house that I could use to re-awaken the top part of the dresser since it became a place to just put random stuff. We also have a large collection of paint supplies so Landon is going to help me paint the dresser. 

Here is a quick before and after! :) 


Photo taken with my iphone when the inspiration struck! (of course at night time) 

Photo taken with my iphone when the inspiration struck! (of course at night time) 


What I did:

  • Painted a canvas (creative and fun) to bring a different look to the space and made sure to fill up the wall a bit more because we have such high ceilings. 
  • Grabbed large books from the house to add some colour and height.
  • Added a little greenery! Landon and I love plants but we are terrible at keeping them alive. I snagged this fake olive branch from a larger vase that's in our kitchen haha. I was originally going to go out and buy something from Michaels but I realized there was enough in the house to go around.
  • Filled up the surface as full as I could without making it look too cluttered! I wanted it to be full so that the temptation of leaving things on it would be minimal. 
  • I am planning on spray painting the handles of the dresser gold as well as the base. Quick and easy! 

My little helper... <3 


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