Ella Turns Two!

Ella-Bean Turns T-W-O! 

You might think I'm a little bit of a nut, but I love this dog like she's my own flesh and blood. I was the one who picked her out, I was the first one to cuddle with her, I was the first one to notice the white patch of fur on her neck shaped like a diamond and how she sticks her tongue out when she's tired. She's my little wee-bean (hence the name) and she spends a lot of time with me as I work out of my home.

Its amazing to me how animals have their own personality and I wanted to share some of Ella's experiences and fun little facts about who she is! 

Fun Facts

  • She was originally going to be named Ellie but after finding out someone else we know had a boxer named Ellie we decided to name her Ella!
  • She's a pure-bred american Boxer.
  • Most people mistake her to be a baby because she is tiny!! 
  • She sticks her tongue out when she is really tired, the more tired she is the longer it sticks out! 
  • She loves FIRE. She will sit and stare at our fireplace for hours, its a cute little quirk.
  • She loves WATER. She tries to swim and loves baths. 
  • She's adventurous; she likes hiking, kayak rides, boat rides, and will swim for the right stick or if she is wearing her life-jacket.
  • Incredibly playful! Her favorite toys are tennis balls, frisbees, rings and sticks.
  • She loves to throw punches when she  plays. 
  • She is a social butterfly and her closest furry friends that she loves to play with are: Gus (German Shorthair), Tucker (Boxer), Poncho (Boston Terrier), Shiver & Copper (Weimaraners), Rigby (X), and Charlie (X).
  • If you sit on the floor she likes to sit in your lap. #ilovethis
  • She loves to be right in the action when I am practicing yoga.
  • When she gets to a dog park, the first thing she does is run laps around us.
  • She likes to chase ice-cubes on our kitchen floor.
  • She knows when you are sad and will lick away your tears.
  • She is super-snuggly and loves to give kisses to everyone she meets.
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