New Year Round Up | Favourite Moments From 2016


Wow, what a year!! I remember going in to the 2016 thinking it was going to be a pretty big year for me. I could feel it in my bones. And well- it was!

I did things more spontaneously, I said "no" more, I worked more on myself, stayed in therapy (highly recommended), treated my body better, got outside of my comfort zone, accomplished huge milestones in my career and craft, burnt out (more on this later), found structure and balance, took my weekends back, read A LOT of books, became obsessed with podcasts, and so so so much more!!! Honestly, 2016 was so stellar that I feel like it will be a hard year to beat but 2017 is bringing even more adventures, goals, and beginnings. 

It is New Years Eve and I want to share some of my Favourite Moments of the last year in no particular order. Here they are! 


2016 was a big year of travel! I spontaneously decided to travel solo in the United States. #JHGOESWEST I had some big fears with traveling and I am so excited that I took the plunge and traveled on my own. I made new friends, I got to do some great creative shoots, learn to trust my intuition more, and could finally feel confident doing international weddings. I wasn't sure if traveling for work was for me and so much excursion was a great way for me to realize that I actually really like working abroad which then led me to photographing Ania & Michaels gorgeous desert elopement! 

I traveled to Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada and Illinois.

becoming a fiance!

Well obviously this is one of my favourite moments ever! Landon proposed to me while we were in Chicago and I proposed back! It is our favourite city and we would live there in a heart-beat if the political climate wasn't so insane. I couldn't have asked for anything more, it was and still remains to be one of the best days of my life. If you want to read our proposal story, it's here! 

Film and Motion

This year I really fell in love with motion, videography! I am excited to dedicate more time and energy in to this in the upcoming year to really expand my knowledge. It lights me up creatively and its something Landon and I love to explore together! 

I also started to dabble in film! I have only used my film camera a handful of times, the process is a little intimidating but the end result is so beautiful. Landon is also really interested in film too so its been super fun to collaborate and learn together in a real where we are both beginners! 

2016 Brides

I really felt like I hit the jackpot with the collection of brides I had for this year. I made so many new friends and still hang out or keep in contact (Snapchat makes this super fun) with them. It has really shaped my business and now I aim to having those type of relationships first before working with a couple. It not only creatively charges me but it also makes the day 

Made True

From Creative Mentorship to Made True, this is a total dream coming alive for me. I has so much fun teaching my "beta ladies" from this past year and launching Made True was such an exciting next step in wanting to reach out to more people to help. I have so many aspirations and dreams behind it. Including hosting my very own Podcast!!!! Ah! I can't wait!! Its coming to your headphones in January 2017. If you want to learn more, check out the website here. 

Making Friends 

This really was the year of getting outside of my comfort zone and meeting so many incredible people across the globe who are also my colleagues! I have been so lucky to meet other incredible creatives and business owners who inspire me on the daily. I want to keep extending my community in the new year and the #15on15Canada crew has something big in the works to really make this a reality! I can not wait!! 

Whole 30

I know, if you have been following along you are probably like- STOP PUSHING THE WHOLE 30 ALREADY! I can't help you guys, it has drastically  changed my life. I have so much knowledge about what foods cause what reactions in my body, I have kicked the sugar dragon to the curb, I have more energy than I could ever imagine, and I just feel so good in my own skin. I can't recommend it enough and Landon, seeing my transformation, is even going to do it in the new year! Food Freedom people!! It's a real thing! 


The goals I accomplished this year are kind of crazy. My income sky-rocketed from my previous year and I can not believe how much has happened. I was so lucky to be featured on blogs like Rocky Mountain Bride, Azure Magazine, Western Living, Pottery Barn, as well as being published multiple times with my favourite local magazine Dote Magazine! I got to participate in a number of interviews including podcasts and even got a shout-out at the Canadian Photography Conference in Vancouver by a speaker, also founder of the conference!! Seriously... pinch me. I feel like all my hard work is starting to gain exposure and it's wonderful to share my work across the world. I hope this continues in to the new year. 

Sitting here I can think of even more things to be so grateful for but this blog post is getting mega-long! I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support me, push me, and love me through my business. To every person who has commented, liked, shared my work or just been in my corner cheering me on, I adore you and I am so grateful to have you in my corner, you make me better! Also big thanks to my family and Landon for supporting every idea and never deflating my excitement and creative whims. You-get-me!!!! I love you for it. xo

Happy new year everyone! Here is to an even more magical New Year, may it be filled with INTENTION, LOVE, ADVENTURE, GENEROSITY, and KINDNESS!!