How Office Lifestyle Photography Will Change Your Business!

Candid Office Lifestyle Shoot with Mckinley Burkart Architects + Interiors

I was hired by Mckinley Burkart to capture their super awesome office culture, mostly for print and web marketing. They have a really cool group of architects and interior designers but they also have awesome programs and fun stuff they do as a team. Stuff that I think makes them so incredibly unique and an awesome company to work for. 

As a group they participate in corporate challenges, as well as their own inner-office fitness challenges via the tracking savvy fitbit. They work out together, go to yoga class, bike ride, dine together, they have beer o'clock every week where they eat yummy food from local businesses and support each others projects. They foster a fun work environment that allows everyone to collaborate and intertwine between projects hoping to inspire and grow every individual on their team. 

So how does capturing office lifestyle better your business?

It gives a real look in to your business and allows your clients to see behind the scenes. Everyone loves behind the scenes photos, its a little sneak-peek in to the daily lives of other professionals. We all love blogs and instagram for this reason, its like reality-tv but (in my opinion) better! Also candid photographs show a more realistic representation of who you are. Headshots are fantastic but you are just another face among the crowd. Its really neat as a client or a consumer to look and see how you interact with your co-workers and clients, how you move around your space, and to see you in real-time so that they themselves could place themselves in your shoes, your environment. 

We are all more likely to go visit a space if we already know what to expect and we are more likely to use a service if we see the faces behind the product. I always think of this when I think of yoga studios. I am more likely to try a new yoga studio out if I have seen what their studio space looks like because I can envision myself practicing there! It takes the guessing work out and makes everything more of a reality.

This is why I loved shooting this session. Candids are awesome! 

Take a look at some of my favourite shots of the #MBCREW