How To Prep Your Skin For Your Photo-Shoot

Feel Like A Radiant Goddess & Eat It Too- If You Want

Ok, so I am not the biggest beauty-know-it-all but I do take time to keep myself updated (some-what), try new things, and make sure I feel good in the process. Here are a few things I do to make sure my skin looks and feels fantastic before a close-up. Now, am I saying you need to have perfect skin before your shoot?- Uhm, no way! I just know for myself that when my skin feels good, I feel good, so I do my best to give myself that little top up on confidence by making some effort on my part. 

So I have dry-sensitive skin, this is my own personal regimen that works for me! Everyone will be a bit different. I've tried the whole 'toothpaste' on your zits, to those oxy-pads (in the 90's) that burned my face (and my nostrils), to ProActive which made me break out in a horrible rash, and so many other things through those awkward years. But the last 3 years I have found an all natural regimen that makes me feel like a glowy, radiant, goddess so here it is! 

My Personal Skin Regimen

So you might be thinking, eat it too? What? This will all make sense very shortly. My skin regimen is all natural because if I can eat it and smear it all over my face at the same time, that is all sorts of win. 

  • Wash: I use all natural home-made soap, the main ingredient is coconut oil and essential oils. Usually peppermint, grapefruit, or lavender. It' not drying like lever or ivory or any of those type of bars which end up stripping the natural oils of your face. Natural soap is quite gentle since my skin is very sensitive and my skin responds well- bonus: it's not expensive. 
  • Exfoliate: Get rid of the dry skin that comes off flaky and dry in your photographs. I wanted to buy one of those philips scrubbers but they're like $200, excuse me? No. I like my natural exfoliant which consists of two things you can find in your pantry, in bulk! Honey & Sugar! Honey naturally kills bacteria and hydrates the skin while the sugar does the scrubbing. Make sure you don't press down hard while you scrub, keep it gentle and light. You only need to do this once a week! I usually try to plan doing my weekly scrub a day or two before my shoot so I am silky smooth. *You can exfoliate your lips while you are it* 
  • Wash: Wash that stuff off! Make sure you use cold water at the end to cool any redness. 
  • Tone: My favourite toner is 'witch hazel' with rose essence. It's incredible!! However since I do have fairly dry skin, I only use it maybe once a week when I am experiencing a little bit more oils (or pesky blemishes) on my skin than normal. I find that if I use it daily it ends up drying my thirsty skin. 
  • Pimples: I use Melaleuca (tea tree essential oil) from YoungLiving to zap those suckers. Please do not buy this stuff from the drug store, you have no idea what fillers (chemicals) they put in there. Only use 100% therapeutic grade. See YoungLiving here. (feel free to sign up under me Member #2037516 if you want to jump on the totally-awesome-and-worth-it bandwagon of essential oils which will be referenced again in a future post.) *I might not eat this one, but its 100% natural. ;) 
  • Hydrate: After a gentle exfoliating scrub and toner I use coconut oil at night to hydrate my skin. (sometimes during the day if I am not going to be wearing makeup since its a natural makeup remover.) Yes, it will likely get all over your pillow so wash your pillow weekly. I have VERY dry skin so coconut oil is my go-to. *Note* Your significant other will either love this new lotion or hate it. For some reason there is no in-between. "What do you mean you don't like the smell? I smell like a delicious cookie."
    Bonus: Coconut oil is so great at conditioning your eye-lashes, your eye-brows, and your lips!! I often use it as a hair-treatment as well for my thirsty locks. 


  • Zombie eyes: So not everyone has this problem but I tend to get puffy dark eyes and it's something I am always struggling with- no matter how many hours of sleep I get. I inherited my dark under eyes and always finding ways to minimize them: I've used the vitamin E cream and that was a bust. Now I use a de-puffer gel with caffeine or another favourite little DIY trick: Take cotton pads and soak them with witch hazel and coffee grounds, freeze, and then place over your eyes for 5 minutes. Magic!* 
  • Clean up the brows or facial hair: this is pretty self-explanatory. I either book an eye-brow waxing/threading a week before or I tweeze those pesky little hairs that are sticking out. Don't go over-board, the last thing you want is over-plucked eyebrows the day before your shoot. Don't try any new shapes or think its a good idea to try something new, stick to what you normally do. Gentlemen, groom your beard and make sure it looks fresh! Or whatever facial-hair of choice.
  • Nails: Make sure your nail-care is up to snuff. Photo-shopping chipped nails isn't on my top list of things I love to do (but I will do it.) Either go bare and natural or make sure your claws are nicely painted the day before your shoot. I paint my nails the day before and then the morning of, I do a small touch up (after getting dressed.) So fresh and so clean.  

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  1. Have you ever seen RawBeautyTalks? They are totally inspiring interviews of women who bare their beautiful faces and it motivated me to do a video au'natural. Please check out all the inspiring ladies here. 
  2. Do you have any special home-care for your skin? Please share! We all have different skin-types and certain things work for us but not for others. 
  3. Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

    to your natural beauty, inside and out,