How To Prep For Your Photo-Shoot Like A Boss // Tip:#1

Photo by Natalie Westerbeek

Photo by Natalie Westerbeek

I prep like nobodies business. Anyone who walks in to my office will see my wall organizers, framed workflow, boards of numerous check-lists for different tasks, an assortment of calendars and folders, highlighted notebooks, and more. It's pretty impressive. I live by the credo, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail," so when it came time to book my OWN photography session I pulled out my trusty notebook and started to get busy with making some big PHOTO-SHOOT plans! It's cool to plan for a shoot as a subject with the knowledge of being a photographer who spends most of her time BEHIND the lens so I thought it would be great to share what I did gearing up for my time in front of the camera. 

We spend good money for good photography so being prepared is essential. I have 7 (very detailed) tips on how I prepped like a boss for my shoot (see sneak-peek photos above.) Over the next 7 weeks I will be sharing the tips individually (and very personally) because initially I did it all in one blog post (big mistake) and it was CRAZY long. I want to give you the most information as possible without being long-winded and boring. Here's an over-view to see where we are going with all of this.

7 HOT-TIPS On Prepping For Your Photo-Shoot Like A Boss

  1. Don't Book Any Ol' Photographer
  2. Feel Like A Radiant Goddess & Eat It Too- If You Want 
  3. Make-Up & Hair: The Struggle Is Real
  4. Colour-Palettes Are Confusing But Necessary: Picking An Outfit or Two
  5. 3 Annoyingly Obvious Things You Almost Don't Want To Do But Should Do 
  6. Be A Voice & Get Clear With Your "Pain Points"
  7. Get Goofy & Like It 

So here we go! I can tell you are excited, you are on the edge of your seat-

Hot-Tip#1: Don't Book Any Ol' Photographer

Ok, so you like their instagram, thats a start. But pick a photographer you jive with. 

This one is huge! And that's why it is number ONE! You can't have fun, look natural or feel beautiful in front of someone you don't feel comfortable with or even like. This is why I am always requesting meetings with clients before they book with me. I want them to make sure they feel 100% comfortable while feeling a natural connection and likeness that allows us to put down our guard. Because lets get real, once that big lens is in front of you snapping away- you don't really want the added stress of not knowing the person or not feeling like you jive with their personality on top of it! It makes the whole thing awkward, forced, and really a kill-joy for all parties involved. 

So make sure you get some one-on-one time with your photographer and start fostering the relationship BEFORE your shoot! This is beneficial for not only YOU but also your photographer because they will end up feeling more at ease therefor fostering more creative vibes and the openness to try new things with you. 

Gorgeous Natalie! Photo by me! 

Gorgeous Natalie! Photo by me! 

The Trifecta: 3 Things To Consider

When I booked with Natalie, it was because she nailed the 3 things I look for when I want to work with a photographer for a portrait-session. These are the things I encourage every single person to look for when you are collaborating on an awesome photo project whether its for personal use or professional. 

  1. Would I want to hang up their art-work in my home?
    Natalie is talented! I love her work and I would definitely adorn my walls with her photos. Now, I would never hang photos of myself up because that seems weird- BUT the idea is that you LOVE their work SO much that you could easily adorn your house with it and never get sick of it. You're a fan, period.
  2. Do I feel like I can collaborate with this person?
    Is this professional willing to hear my ideas and thoughts on what I have envisioned? (It's important to remember you are allowed to be part of the creative process if you want to) Also, can I feel comfortable with this person on trying new things? When I was with Natalie I did some corny run jumps like I was going over a puddle and did "model moves" with my hat! With someone I didn't take the time to get to know or feel comfortable with this would be a little scary and I PROBABLY wouldn't have done it. But Natalie is fun, sweet, and incredibly kind and loved playing around with me. She was all for collaboration and this is SUCH a fun and special part of your photo-shoot. 
  3. Do I want to hang out with this person for a few hours?
    I love Natalie and could easily hang out with her all day. Usually your session is probably around 1-2 hours at most but asking yourself if you could hang out with your photographer and talk, collab, while having a good-time would be a great indicator if you feel like you jive with them. To be totally frank, if I met a photographer who's work I truly admired but I felt no connection with them, I wouldn't book them. I would just keep admiring their work and book my session with another photographer who I admire but who I also feel good to be around.  

    There are a ton of photographers out there so choose the one who's going to be the best fit for you: personally, financially, and creatively!

So that was tip number 1! Next week we are going to touch base on TIP#2 and hint-hint: it may have to do with own personal beauty regimen for great skin. 

Call To Action

1. Have you ever had a photo-session where you didn't meet your photographer before to gauge comfort? How did it go?
2. Knowing this will you make sure you meet your photographer(s) of choice before booking your next-session?
3. Comment below! I'd love to hear your stories and your thoughts.

To beautiful moments finely captured,