Lindsay & Cameron's Banff Engagement Sneak-Peek!

What's the best way to start New Years Day following an epic NYE wedding!? Well- photographing a recent family engagement is a great start!! 

Lindsay & Cameron were engaged on Christmas Day in Canmore, Alberta. They currently live together in Vancouver but were visiting for the holidays. Landon and I were in Saskatchewan at his family cabin when we got the phone call. We were all so incredibly excited and of course the first thing that came to me was, "I have to take engagement photos!!" So I surprised both of them the night before and let them know to be camera ready the following day.

The proposal: Cameron in all his romantic fashion had a disney ornament (a tradition, and an important symbol in their relationship as Disney was the thread that brought them together 2.5 years ago) hanging in the tree for Lindsay. After a full morning of opening presents, lounging in their pjs, breakfast, and enjoying their time with both their families, Cameron decided it was the right time to propose. (He was planning to do it later.) Cameron said he forgot one last gift as he pulled the ornament from the tree, Lindsay didn't think anything of it as it was a yearly tradition. As he presented her gift, he got down on one knee and opened it up and there was her incredible ring. Lindsay says she doesn't remember much of what he said because she was in such shock, "I think I blacked out!"  Cam was shaking, his heart racing, but incredibly confident and in love. Of course, she eventually said yes after her confused and exasperated, "are you serious?" haha! Family celebrated that night with champagne. 

The ring: Lindsays ring was designed by Cam and really reflects both of their value for family. The bottom band has diamond from his grandmother, the middle diamond is from his mother, and the surrounding diamonds in a spiral are the ones he incorporated for Lindsay. Three generations of beautiful Brodie women. 

The wedding: Coming 2016! Canmore, AB


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