Matt & Sean | Intimate Calgary Wedding


On June 25th 2015, Matt and Sean celebrated their two year anniversary with an exchange of vows; promising to be with each other forever, as partners, as husbands, as best friends. 

In a truly auspicious manner, they share their anniversary with history! Same-sex marriage became legal across all states in the United States of America. Although 10 years behind Canada in legalizing marriage-equality, it was a truly great omen and energy to surround their wedding day as so many people in North America were celebrating marriage and the LGBQT community!

In the privacy of the 'De Lima' household, Sean & Matt exchanged vows with the support and love of both their families. I felt so privileged to be there, although I wasn't invited for the ceremony, I got to witness and capture a truly special day.


Goober and Algie dressed for the occasion. 

After the official signing of the papers, we took a stroll to a nearby park. It was so hot out!! 32 degrees. Sean went barefoot (y'know, yogi style) and Matt layered up in his blazer and bow-tie. I love how everything in their wedding is totally authentic and true to who they are. It was a truly unique experience, customized to who they are and their values. 

Seriously, can't get enough of these two!! 

The next day I drive up to Sylvan Lake to capture their 'reception,' which was actually a big house party! It was such a fun environment, food, bar, games, and twinkle lights. Matt and Sean encouraged those who were staying the night, setting up camp, to bring onesies for a fire. You can see their adorable matching onesie at the end of the blog post! Penguins! <3 

So many friends and family gathered in celebration. I only chose a few photos to keep it short but it was a super fun evening, light hearted and full of so much joy for this beautiful couple.