Maya & Lanny | Cochrane Engagement

I've known Maya since elementary school, when she was still learning English as her second language and was a fresh face to our south Calgary suburban community. Hilariously enough, we always circulated in the same friend circle but never really took to each other. Maybe it was the language barrier or some strange tween-angst that we both can't quite pin-point or define in our history... but we eventually grew closer in middle school. After graduating we became inseparable. We worked together, we partied together, we would do each others makeup and were there for each other through absolutely everything; first heart-break, university, first promotion at work, ups and down of dating, etc.

So when Maya asked me to be her bridesmaid, I was so over the moon excited to stand beside her as she takes this new chapter of her life. Seeing her through so many life chapters, it was a giant honour to know I would witness a day we often talked about as kids. "Who would get married first? When would it happen? Who would the guy be and what was he like?" etc. I actually think Maya was always guessed to be first. (Carol, you might have to clarify this.)

Maya always the 'particular'-romantic, she would never fall for just anyone and we often wondered if she would ever find someone worth falling for. She eventually found "her person" almost 5 years ago; her first love - Lanny, a Calgary firefighter with the admiration for the outdoors. Their first date was in a coffee shop where they lost track of time and talked for 3 hours. It was an instant connection, a spark that later would be fanned a year later when they would go on their second first date. (I can't recall why they lost touch.) The rest became history. They moved to Cochrane together and adopted two Weimaraner's; Shiver Me Timbers (aka Shiver) and Copper. 

They will be getting married in Mexico this November!

Maya, I love you and can't wait to stand beside you... and take your photos. ;) 


Our shoot took place on this beautiful bridge in Cochrane off of River Ave. (Or was it River street...) Maya picked the location as it was close to the dog park, river, and she admired the bridge. I loved the architectural lines and the soft light the bounces off of the steel. The rain clouds in the distance were growing very grey but we managed to stay dry (for the majority of the shoot.)