My Life According To Instagram / August 2015

Well well well, what can I say about August!? 

It was a whirlwind of road-trips and travels for work and pleasure. I was in Saskatoon (a handful of times!) and flew to Winnipeg for an interior design shoot for a gorgeous space (Smith) and of course back home to Calgary. I had time to rest and a lot of time to play!

I struggled with the balance of finding my footing every time I left my home office to return again. When you are thrusted out of your daily routine you begin to notice how strange it is to not be doing what you usually do! It shows your strengths and your weaknesses as a business owner, it was fantastic and I learnt so much in how much I love my morning rituals and when I should say "yes" and when I should say "no." 

I fell even more in love with my partner getting to work with him. He has fallen even more in love with photography and is playing with film. I am so excited to have him second-shoot a few more weddings this year and even more next year! #partnerincrime #powercouple

Other Fun Highlights

  • The opening of West Elm! Such a fun grand-opening and a gorgeous space with even more gorgeous product that I can not wait to get my hands on!!\
  • Getting real & raw with being an INSPIRATION JUNKIE! (what is that?! - read here)
  • Scoping the venue Boffins in Saskatoon for a 2016 Bride 
  • Second-shooting with Kristyn Harder in Banff for Celynn & Collins gorgeous wedding and getting the chance to work alongside Mitchell from My Canvas Media 
  • Engagement shoot in Saskatoon with Ashley & Jakob (see preview)
  • Engagement shoot in Calgary with Ashley & Brendon
  • Stephanie & Dustin's Casino Wedding (see preview)
  • Landon second shooting with me <3
  • Battle of the bridal parties!! Meeting another bride and groom to duke it out for an awesome photo
  • New collection design for my business cards
  • Bought a vintage type-writer and a harmonium #vintagelove
  • Shoot Ashley & Ryan's Engagement Party (I attract a lot of Ashley this year, can you tell!?) 
  • Ella-beans 2nd birthday! My little love! #ellasadventures
  • Kicking butt at Golf with my babe (potentially a new summer hobby)
  • Trash the dress session with Andrea