My Life According To Instagram / July 2015

I look forward to this blog post every month! It's super fun to go back through my feed and re-experience a month, especially when that month flew by so quickly. I was only in Calgary for 2 weeks and spent the rest of the month in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Here is a quick little over-view, in no particular order:

  • Photographed Park Distillery in Banff, Alberta for Mckinley Burkart
  • Photographed my best friends engagement shoot in Cochrane, click here to see it! 
  • I deleted my personal profile on Facebook so the creative juices were flowing!
  • Landon and I had a creative date sketching and painting aka the best date ever
  • I learned water-colouring with Paige Poppe! I'm hooked!
  • I won a scholarship for the Feel Good Blogging 6 Week Course with Alex Beadon!!!
  • Baby cuddles with little Leni and got to spend some time with The Bannons. 
  • Traveled to Saskatoon to see family #vacationmode
  • Worked on the family farm in Asquith, Sask - learnt how to garden and pulled fresh veggies for dinner #veggiemonster
  • Went to my first home-game in Regina, Saskatchewan! #ridernation (Green is apparently my new colour) Although they lost, it was an awesome experience!
  • Got to witness a really cool presentation at Mckinley Burkart where a bunch of my work was showcased for a huge project they are potentially landing. #thebigleagues
  • My photos and cover photo of beautiful Jo-Anne came out this month in Poser Magazine. Read her powerful article and check out my photographs.
  • Flew to Winnipeg to shoot a gorgeous resteraunt called SMITH. (photos coming soon!)

Call to Action!
1. What did you do last month!? What did you accomplish or experience? 
2. Comment below, I would love to hear. :)