My Life According To Instagram: November 2015

November, the month we start anticipating the great snow fall (which sadly didn't really come), cozy mornings with long socks, a crackling fire and the beautiful red cups from Starbucks (what? just me?) It's also the month where I really start contemplating Christmas decorations and start blasting Christmas music because its my favourite time of year. Zooey Deschanels version of 'baby, its cold outside' with Bing Crosby is still one of my faves. 

Let's get this straight though- I'm not big on presents, as in I actually don't love the process of opening and receiving gifs on Christmas because its too much pressure. So many people watching. I love giving them and I love being surrounded by friends and family and tasty treats! Anyways, lets talk more about November and all the highlights from such an epic month. 


  • Getting my spin on at YYC Cycle. Love, hate, or love to hate, I am not 100% sure yet. I keep going back though! Great classes and instructors. #bikergang
  • Yoga shoot with Ambre Diana at Yoga Santosha - hands down one of my favourite shoots! I love collaborating with incredible instructors in this city especially when its in my very favourite yoga studio.
  • I chopped my locks! EEK! Amanda (from Vanity Vault) took off a couple of inches and did a moisturizing mask to bring a little life back in to my hair. It's so thick and dreamy now. It needed some #TLC as I grow out my natural hair colour. (which is what exactly? I don't really know yet?)
  • Rhiannon & Jesse get steamy in their engagement session off of the cold elbow river in Calgary. *Blog post to come! 
  • Spent some time in Edmonton shooting the re-opening/re-design of Earls Crossroads designed by Mckinley Burkart.
  • Finished editing up Jamie & Tuckers intimate wedding in Invermere. 
  • Taught the lovely (social media + marketing) ladies at MB (Mckinley Burkart) the ropes of Lightroom and easy editing. 
  • Met Kenzie Conrad from Milk & Honey YYC and interviewed her for Local-Love! Read here:
  • Megan & Paul ventured out in to the cold Rocky Mountains for their engagement shoot. *Post to come soon! (I AM SO BEHIND ON BLOGGING!)
  • Landon traveled a lot this month so I pined for him and posted cute photos of him. #sorrynotsorry
  • I worked with local artisan and jewelry designer Andrea from Jewelry by Andrea. Our work together was featured by Yogi Approved and we worked with 3 incredible local yoga teachers to make it happen! (Thank you Ariffa, Tanya and Crystal!)
  • Worked with a beautiful #jhpbride and shot her wedding boudoir for her unsuspected husband-to-be! ;) SO my fave. 
  • Worked with Sarah Ward Interiors shooting the newly opened Home & Away off of 17th Ave. 

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