Real & Raw: Acceptance.

Because the wind comes and knocks us over and all we can do sometimes is just laugh, embrace it, and enjoy ourselves anyway. The more I feel like I am losing grip on things the more I am coming to see that life is more beautiful that way. I feel like the older I get the softer I get. The more I am allowed to sink in to things and let it ride. Or maybe Landon is rubbing off on me... Sometimes I would just cry at the chaos and get lost in the pain I feel. But now, I don't know. Something has turned. I still get upset of course. I still cry. It's cathartic. It's motion. It's movement. It's healthy!! I still feel pain although I know that the pain I feel doesn't actually exist. Im creating it. And then I have this incredibly still, deep knowing, that reality is just that- reality. That I can't get mad at the wind for blowing. For knocking me over. I can only accept what is and dance in it anyway. To make the most of the wind. To move with it. To let it teach me. To let it be, to stand in it, and find the beauty. Because it is beautiful if I choose so. It's not optimism... it's wisdom.