Be Your Own Superhero & The Space To Face Podcast

The Podcast

Go on girl, Inspire Yourself 

So yesterday something magical happened. My podcast interview with Space To Face was released and I will admit- I listened to it 3 times!!!  (SEE ABOVE.) That's right I listened to 3 hours of the same Podcast and I was the interviewee! This sounds incredibly vain (stick with me here) but I honestly couldn't even remember what we had talked about! After the podcast I said these exact words: "Wait, did I black out? What did we even talk about!?" So as I listened, I felt like I was receiving the information for the very first time like all the other listeners. 

What I have taken away from each listen is this- I can be my own super-hero. As a pinterest and quote-hungry society this felt really freeing. I could find inspiration from me, I didn't need an outside source to feed the spark. This reminds me of Danielle La Porte's Glory Boarding from The Fire Starter Sessions. Which looks a little like this: when things are rough, you go through all of your accomplishments and ditch the 'unworthy' thoughts. You shine in all of your GLORY. I'm lucky enough to say that those 'unworthy moments' are less occurrences in my life as I grow in my confidence, my self, and in my business.  The podcast felt like one big audible glory board and I WAS DIGGING IT. I felt so compelled to blog, to write, to create more, to live bigger and brighter. 
I have grown, expanded, and zeroed in on business practices that came so naturally, intentionally and even unintentionally. Obviously that came with making mistakes and learning quickly through failure while being very clear on my desires and core values. I realized how following my instincts and checking in with what felt good and what didn't- really made me more successful and happier. I had a lot of old-school thinkers tell me to take every client opportunity I could get (still do in fact) and something deep inside me said, "oh hell no." (and still does)

I didn't want to work with just anybody. I wanted to work with people who wanted to work with me and who would be fun to work with. I wanted to attract people who were interested in the bigger picture, who valued photography and the creative process, those who I could easily go to coffee with; people who inspire me in so many different ways. This is exactly what I have gotten; I've gotten to work with the most amazing couples, creative entrepreneurs, and spaces that light up my life and make me feel fuller. I don't feel drained, I don't feel like I am slogging through the work or that I am selling myself or my dream short. My work is too precious to my heart to ever go in a direction where I felt like I am not being integral or authentic. I have achieved this and it is the best feeling in the world! This podcast gave me that perspective and really made me think, "Go on girl, be inspired by yourself."  So big thank you to Asia Croson & Paige Poppe for having me on and giving me this incredible gift! I am so grateful that I got to speak to both of them, to be inspired by their questions and spirit. I hope I get to take part in another interview in the future! :) 

As Paige & Asia would say- sending you positive and creative vibes & I hope you have a fabulous freaking day!!