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Stacy & Nick | Autumn Wedding in Lake Louise, Alberta

Stacy & Nick met at a mutual friends birthday party. Nick was instantly taken with Stacy, she's beautiful, but after talking with her he knew she was so much more; compassionate, strong, and smart. After the party he got the courage to text her to ask if she wanted to join him and some friends to see a movie, Spider Man. When Stacy showed up and saw Nick all alone she asked, "where's your friends?" Nick, being the funny big-hearted man that he is said "I have no friends." Haha! This was his sneaky way to get her to go on a date with him and it worked! 

Stacy has a jam-packed schedule trying to work at the lab, volunteer, and earn her two doctorates so Nick had a challenge of trying to find the right time to propose to her.

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