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Michelle & Ben | Beautiful Autumn Wedding | Valley Ridge Golf Course

Michelle & Ben both swiped right. That's right, they are a tinder success story! After their first date (phil & seb and a 3 hour walk around mission) Ben said he went home and just knew that he met his wife. They instantly became best friends, they easily laugh together and have even developed their own little language (as it seems whenever I am around them lol.) It was a short 8 months later when Ben proposed. It was just right. Since then they moved in to a new home and welcomed an adorable puppy in to their little family all while planning a wedding! 

When I met them (which I think was almost 2 years ago!) I instantly adored them. They are so light-hearted, love on each other hard but most importantly have a friendship that feels so steady. They don't just love each other, they also really like each other.

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