The Made True Podcast | Season One

I created the Made True Podcast out of the request of my help with a lot of female entrepreneurs who had a lot of the same questions when it comes to starting, running, and staying true to yourself while running a business. I felt like I was on the outskirts when I first started my business almost 5 years ago. I was told to take anyone who wanted my services but my heart said no and it was a confusing time where I had no one else around me who reflected a lot of the same beliefs. There are a lot of ideas, mainstream or not, structured business practices that you can pick up from textbooks but to be totally honest- not many of them really resonated with me. Sure there are a lot of great learnings from traditional ways of running a business like understanding supply and demand but at the end of the day I knew I wanted to run a business that stirred my heart, made me feel like I was staying authentic to who I am and what I value, while also really drawing the right people to me and repelling the right ones away. I am not in the business for everyone, I am in business for myself, my family, and my ideal clients who really understand my vision and who I feel like I can best serve. I really do think there is enough room for us all and that each one of us can serve a special group of people in a powerful way that others can't. Sure there are tons of podcasts out there similar to mine I am sure, but I am different: my perspective, my voice, my values... so I know that these episodes will resonate with a certain group but not all. I'm not in it for all, I'm in it for you. So here is SEASON ONE of the Made True Podcast. I learnt so much, made mistakes, and honestly just had the best time ever. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had making it. 

Season TWO is airing in the fall/winter of 2017. 

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