Real+Raw: Instead of Hustle, flow.

I've noticed a shift. I'm not digging this whole "hustle" phenomenon anymore. A few years ago 'hustle' wouldn't really phase me, in fact I had a pretty sweet desktop background with that exact word staring me down. However, now, every-time I see it pop up on instagram and pinterest, I silently cringe. It feels dirty- like you are trying to sell me snake oil but really its olive oil. Y'know? It doesn't feel authentic.

You may just equate 'hustling' with good old fashion hard work. Now I will be the first to tell you that sometimes you need to sink your butt down and put in the time or even muster some insane courage before walking in to that meeting. I am down for that. But hustling can also mean using force; force on yourself, your situation, another person. (click here for definition) Just trying to make things work work work. Blood, sweat, tears. It's aggressive.  Which doesn't jive with my particular mojo. Force don't work with me baby, I'm all about that flow.  Of course, just like anything, this is all up for interpretation on what hustle means to you  (which is important.) For me, it feels a little too sleazy. 

Instead of hustling, how does this sound? No pushing, no pulling, no making things happen that aren't in your highest purpose. You let the good stuff flow, you let that icky stuff that isn't working and hasn't been working for a long time- go. You close your eyes, you breathe, you let the answers come to you instead of looking to everyone else for answers. YOU TRUST THE PROCESS. When a door closes you re-asses. Do I keep going or am I forcing something that is just not suppose to fly? You will know the answer. Cause you got them. And sometimes the answer is this: I don't know. WAIT FOR CLARITY. You have every answer you ever need. *This is the real deal. No snake oil here my friends.* This has worked for me and it can work for you too.

This sounds fluffy but it isn't. It takes major mind power and TRUST. It means living a life of abundance, love, and ditching fear to the curb.
Let me elaborate.....


Jamie, when do you know when you are in the flow?
A: It feels like magic, it feels good in your stomach, you use that inner awareness (call it your inner eye, your intuition, what-have-you) and let it kindly guide you where you want to go. I love Danielle La Portes prompt from the Desire Map: What lights you up!? Do that. Now growing pains are inevitable, especially if you are on the flow train, because when you are on the flow train you are guided to do things that bring you joy but it also brings you to pivotal points where you need to make a big decision; stay as you are or keep going. *SCARY* but it has to happen. It means you make decisions out of LOVE instead of FEAR. Love (the real deal love, divine purposeful love) has everyones best interest in mind.


I am at that point currently. I have some big things I need to do with how my business is growing and its terrifying. I also know that it is my highest and best interest to do whats uncomfortable because I am listening to that inner GPS. If I direct off course, just like Siri, she will just re-map your route and maybe take you a longer way but you end up at the same point of; I have to go here, no matter how many left turns I take, that is still my destination. Which begs another question; do I take the long way or the short way? This is where we all get tripped up. The short way would be to dive in and face the inevitable discomfort with growth right now and get it done. Quick and painless. The long way would be to ignore your instincts, it literally gnaws at you, you keep thinking about it, and it just WONT leave you alone. You will keep being prompted for that- whatever it is. Long and painful. 

Now you are probably thinking- OK, so how does this tie in with hustling? I am getting to that point right now! 


Hustling: When you ignore your inner GPS system or over-ride it out of fear.  (aka. not listening to that gut instinct or allowing other people to make decisions for you) Therefor you are kind of all over the place. You have a location in mind (known or unknown) and Siri knows it (lets pretend Siri is your highest self, your intuition - haha!! your phone will never be the same) and you are literally driving all over the frickin place. You just went 5km north and she's like- dude, listen to me, you need to go another 10km South EAST! You are doings things that maybe other people told you was a good idea, like- go to that donut shop in the north because thats what every one else is doing but deep down inside when you get quiet- you really wanted to go see the funky art gallery in the south with the really good coffee. Because that place has something! What does it have? We don't know yet until you experience it. You feel me?

Flow: You let Siri (higher self, intuition) get you to your destination and trust that your instincts will guide you in the right direction. Less u-turns. No force. Just trust. Funky art gallery in the south with the really good coffee without the unnecessary meandering at the donut shop. You meet a cool person who ends up being your next business partner, you meet your soul mate, magic magic magic. Things are a'flowin.'

Now, I definitely would rather be in flow. Less force, more authenticity, less meandering off course, less painful experiences (especially internally,) and faster growth. So let me ask you this, are you in the flow? If the answer is no and you feel like you are climbing up a STEEP hill with no flat ground in sight I have something very simple for you to do. Now, please don't call it meditation because when you call it that, you are less likely to do it. It's just an exercise! 


  1. Sit somewhere you can feel comfortable (either in your chair right now with your feet on the ground) or cross legged. If you are at work- do it! Someone will probably think you just have a headache or not feeling well and will likely leave you along unless they know you really well. If the people around you will question you and you feel weird, go somewhere alone. 
  2. *Option 1* Set a timer. I actually don't like to set a timer because I like to just let it FLOW. But if you feel like setting a timer might help, well then follow that instinct and do it. *Option 2* If you need music, like if you are somewhere noisy, use something ambient, relaxing and easy to think over. 
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take a deep breath and exhale loudly and shake out the dust, any frustration, any anxiety, any confusion or worry. *Do this a few times until you feel like your breath has settled and you feel a little lighter* Your chest shouldn't feel tight or your belly. Wait till that subsides and it might take a little while depending on how much stress you are carrying. 
  5. Just breathe. In and out. Focus on your breath. Smile, it helps. 
  6. When you are ready: ask yourself either internally or externally (out-loud) what your next step is? Ask yourself: what will light me up? What will feel good? What feels authentic, real, purposeful? It doesn't need to be an earth-shattering answer. It could be super simple. It could be profound. It could be at first CRICKETS because you are putting too much pressure on yourself and trying to manufacture the right answer. If that happens. Just keep breathing and tell yourself: no pressure (name), small steps here. 
  7. After you have this internal discussion. Write down your experience.

Rinse & Repeat when needed. ;) 

So, hustling is forcing and not tuning it. Flow, is letting go and tuning in to what you need and desire. 

I want to hear from you! Have you been hustling? What does hustling mean to you? Are you wanting to be in the flow? Or have you made that transition already? How does it feel and have you noticed many changes? Please share in the comments! :) 

To letting the hustle go and getting in the flow,